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  1. Future_Champ

    Thiago Silva

    I think if they try to put Gustafsson vs Thiago Silva together , it would be magnificent.
  2. Pretty sure the gap isn't that big either way.
  3. Whoops apparently Stefans is 83inches and Mitriones is 82inches. I swear I've seen Struves reach listed at 81 and Mitriones at 83 , I wish they'd have accurate and consistent measurements , unless fighters are constantly growing and shrinking slightly inches here and there
  4. If Siver beats Cerrone the undefeated USA National Muay Thai Champion and far superior grappler? Yeah I think I'd like to see him face Guillard. Guillard keeps crushing cans and being fed , UFC pats his record with an extra 10 wins , look at his wire then wins against Ronny Torres , Tibau and Stephens , he knocks out only the dainty fighters usually and doesn't even look good striking against physically strong fighters like himself. If they both win , they should meet for the next title shot after Clay/Ben , absolutely.
  5. Maybe it's improved? Sadly Guillard wont let him last an entire minute until he gasses anyways.
  6. Good chin doesn't have to do with being TKOed or not , it's the punish you can sustain and how you are unaffected by big shots. Ben was dropped by Pettis 4 times in their fight and dropped by Cerrone and dropped by Jim Miller so I'm sorry awful candidate, he's very durable and good at surviving but not because of his chin. Nick Diaz applies the exact same , he gets dropped a lot he has by no means a strong chin , he's just durable and amazing at surviving , it's not because of his chin though. Same applies for Jake Shields , Kampmann dropped him , GSP dropped him , Hendo dropped him , he's just great at surving , very durable fight it's more of a heart , mind and conditioning thing. Leben eats BOMBS Anderson and Stanns beating were TKOs.... I think that should be proof enough but the Akiyama fight , Wanderlei , Terry Martin , Cote and so on...He has a iron chin. Rampage...DID YOU SEE WHAT SHOGUN DID TO HIM? He was conscious. I haven't seen him withstand a beating like that anymore though , Rashad and Machida dropped him without HUGE SHOTS. I can agree with discrediting that. Does Anderson have a amazing chin? Sonnen dropped him 2-3 times cleanly and obviously so I doubt it , Anderson is just about impossible to find when you're striking he could leave his chin at home most nights , doesn't mean it's a strong one. Hendo....has one of the best chins in the sport ever for sure. BJ Penn , I'll agree he has a great chin , I don't think I've ever seen him dropped.
  7. Nah , I see those kind of being a fight where Lombard goes for the takedown and tries to maul , I think he could have slightly faster and better hands than Stann , well more effective maybe not technical though. I think Vitor he'd go for the takedown and try to wear him out and beat him down though. Lombard vs Munoz? 2 heavy handed sluggers with word class grappling. Lombard vs Palhares? 2 squares go at it in an octagon!
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