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  1. Exactly' date=' why is it difficult for people to understand that boxing and MMA are two different sports, in MMA you have to watch out for a possible takedown or kicks which obviously impacts your boxing. JDS fight yesterday doesnt say anything about his pure boxing skills. You are stupid for not understanding the differences between MMA and boxing
  2. He wasnt scared you ****ing idiot. It was obvious it was part of his game plan to not be taken down, therefore backpedal when Cain was closing the distance. You should be banned for stupidity.
  3. Scared of what? JDS lost to a better fighter last night, no excuses. Where does the scared come from? Youre a moron and need to STFU!
  4. The booing was horrible. Would like to know whats going on in their heads when they decide to boo JDS after the fight. Morons.
  5. Heres a comment by Dana on Cain's Brown Pride tattoo and the difference between a "White Pride" tattoo. Made me LOL Thats something for all the white males with hurt feelings to listen to People who dont understand the difference between a brown and white pride tattoo are, well, I'll let Dana explain. Link to vid
  6. Did Jones still win this time? :confused:
  7. Don't what TUF, and didn't watch his fight tonight. But I don't want to listen to another fighter talk about the fantastic military. Stann is one too many. Makes me sick
  8. Decent rankings, but noe corrected:D
  9. Anik is horrible, cant put my finger on why, he just doesnt feel right. Florian is very knowledgable, I dont mind him, he could as people say get a little bit more excited.
  10. itsok

    Who is 4 and 5 GOAT

    BJ and Hughes (I hate Hughes though)
  11. Seems they dont when it comes to Gus vs Davis. Several people still bring up the Davis fight as evidence to their statements about gus not being able to handle wrestlers. The fact that hes since then trained with davis and is 5-0 (or is it 6-0?) including wins over wrestlers like hammil and the janitor is completely ignored. Since his loss to gus Te Huna is 3-0, but against what peope normally would refer to as cans. Te Huna has a punchers chance vs Gus. Not hating, just stating the obvious, I actually like Te Huna.
  12. Fixed according to my opinion to what the current ranking is. Hes not before one of those guys as I saw Shogun probably had the nr 5 spot before. In terms of who is currently best, and not based on pure ranking I would have it: 1. JBJ 2. Machida 3. Gustafsson 4. Rashad 5. Hendo I would have Gus as the favorite against Rashad and Hendo, slight underdog against Machida, and obviously an underdog against Jones. And in a division with heavy hitting guys, anyone can beat anyone (besides Jones). Glover btw still has lots to prove, he isnt up there yet. The hype there has been blown out of proportion.
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