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  1. im a boxer. i walk around at 87kgs. i train and diet down to 83kgs before a fight. i water wieght cut 2kgs before a fight. silva walks around at 210+ sometimes, trains and diets down to around 195ish or so id guess during his camps and would then cut the remaining wieght at the weigh in. boxers wiegh in hours before the event, MMA fighters get a day and therefore can cut more.
  2. good work OP. i honestly believe Lesnar will box however, his camp is putting huge emphasis on it and Lesnar has shown distress that the Carwin fight left people with a misconception about how far his hands have come. As far as the clinch and ground are concerned, the fight is Lesnars to take.. but will he take it? Hope so I love Brock.
  3. Azsam


    I'm not sure if I'm the only person who dances in anticipation at the current UFC heavywieght scene at the moment, or for that matter just HW division in MMA... but I dont think that I am. I find most people have their favourite, whether it be Brock, Carwin ( if I was a journo, as I one day hope to be, I wouldn't know if to call it a come from behind win from Lesnar or a dominating loss from Carwin) or Mir, JDS, Cain, Nelson, Barry, AO or that russian guy that evokes a bit of emotion... you know.. Alex Emelianenko's brother... yeah that guy. But like anyone who surfs (or trolls) these forums would know.. it's kinda hard to say who is the undisputed champ, (although i'd think now most favour falls in Lesnar's favour) Without starting a fight! But I'm not here to start a fight!, or give you who or why I think is the man. I think maybe to vent the rich juices of heavywieght knowledge we all feel flowing from our minds is what I'm about to do here... I feel like noting down each major aspect of what we see in MMA.(striking,grappling,fashion credability) and just give my own personal rankings on who comes where. Remember to cut me some slack, these guys are so good its hard to say who comes where or who has what. Ill try to put an explonation at the end of each list, so if you feel like going crazy at me just try to see where I come from. STRIKING 1. Allistair Overeem 2.Juniour Dos Santos 3.Shane Carwin 4.Fedor Emelianenko 5.Frank Mir Having JDS above Carwin when Carwin obviously kicks ****? Well the only shared oppenent is Gonzaga, Gonzaga of course getting KO'd after he rocked Shane and got kinda sloppy, JDS handled Gonzaga much, much better. (When they are so good the seperation is very little) Overeem picks himself... the K-1 success and domination of Rogers among other things are meaningful, but nothing as meaningful or evident as the undeniable skill AO possesses. Fedor has number four, maybe a little too low for some.. but I feel its justified, albiet niether four or five showed much striking in their last outings, they still have a history of convincing striking. Whats more you may say "oh take Carwins power into account" well take JDS's power into account, both are kinda hard to argue with. (James Toney hasnt fought MMA yet, hes not on the list) WRESTLING 1.Brock Lesnar 2.Cain 3.Carwin 4.Fedor 5.Randy Cotoure( I have heard he is fighting next at HW? or a catchwieght, then i hear HW again? Im chucking the multi time HW champ in) Yeah so Fedor is a sambo guy not a wrestler, he takes everyone down with his crazy judo throws. In case you think Randy deserves to be higher... you have a good point but his lack of action works against him. And as for Cain being above Carwin, Cain just wrestles so much more frequently it kinda made the difficult choice easier, Cain has thusfar shown better wrestling in his matches... POWER (should this be in with striking? I dont think so, I dont think anyone thinks Brock had better standup than Herring when they fought but POWER was the difference) 1.Shane Carwin 2.Allistair Overeem 3.JDS 4.Fedor 5.Brock Now don't start crying I put Fedor above Brock, Brock made Herring an acrobat and TKO'd Randy, but has never scored a cleancut KO like the other guys on the list. (one and two are very debatable) Cain has a case to be here.. but his most impressive KO against an aging Nog made me a little cynical. While Brock displayed power over randy,(knocking down Mir in fight 1) and herring he got the nod ahead of him. CHIN 1. Brock Lesnar 2. Fedor 3. Shane Carwin 4.Cain 5.Nog Brock has done what no one has done before, take a Carwin shot and not go to sleep. Fedor has some impressive knocks to his chin too, but a fujita hit isnt exactly a Carwin hit, and the Randleman-slam is one of the reasons he is so high. Nog gets there on merit from battles of years past... Cain, damn, you see him fight Kongo? Oh and Carwins so high for never being decimated anytime ive seen him fight/hit, even when the powerful Gonzaga got him clean he recovered. SUBMISSIONS 1.Big Nog (20 submission wins) 2.Verdum 3.Fedor (16 sub wins) 4.Mir 5.Allistair Overeem (19 submission wins, including Belfort) SUBMISSION AND TAKEDOWN DEFENCE 1.Fedor(too many a time has he got out of a sticky situation, and only caught once) 2.Carwin (actually stuffed a Brock shot, and fought well off the cage vs Gonzaga!) 3.Brock Lesnar (hasnt had too many guys take him down, but showed excellent defensive grappling with Shane to get off his back, although Randy got him down and against the cage some times) 4.Overeem ( cant remember the last time an MMA HW took him down) 5.Randy My personal opinion of the world top 5 HW's 1.Lesnar 2.Carwin 3.Overeem 4.Emelianenko 5.Cain (No Verdum isn't there and Fedor and AO are go have a cry) (I hope you agreed with some of the listings, I don't expect you to agree with them all, espec the last)
  4. Azsam

    my thoughts on the fight

    wow thanks for the good feedback. about Overeem, i think all his fights against heavyweights would look like him when he beat up buentello or when he beat up rogers, i do seldom wonder if it would look like herring vs lesnar if AO fought brock however. i dont know, or know how to judge, if AO stands like Lesnar wrestles. But i know AO isnt the type to get rag dolled. But... if Fedor can lose to Verdum, if Tyson can lose to Douglas... Ali lose to Frazier, Shogun lose to Forest and the UFC judges eat hash cookies and snort coke at the judging table and Pacman lose to Mayweather ( :D :DITS GONNA HAPPEN!)... i guess everythings possible... and i shouldnt make such bold claims. But im dying to see how the next ten or so HW fights pan out. In fact i think ill make a thread about it now.
  5. Im just re-watching the Carwin-Lesnar fight for around the fourth time. A man whom as far as I can percieve is very humble with kind morals (some think he is a decent fighter too) once said "he who does not fall does not stand up" Brock Lesnar fell and stood up in this fight. Big ups to carwin for the first round, and I don't blame him for giving it all he had when Brock looked in trouble, but those huge forearms of Brock played the part of a head gear. At the end of the day Brock really did what no one could do, took Carwins shots, stood up and took him down. First exchange, very telling of the two fighters, Carwin with the better stand up clips Brock with a nice punch, Brock with the better wrestling takes him down in return; we end up back to the feet and all very excited. Next thing that catches my attention. That exchange, I can watch this all day long( i train boxing) Brock slips and blocks punches with what seems to be pretty tight defence... accept his forearms are seperated at the elbows and together at the wrists.. leaving the chin exposed. And WOW. The upercut is beautiful. Hips thrust forward, back leg leaning forward and on its toes, upper body thrust forward and wow leans absolutely clean. I love this punch IMO this is better than the uppercut landed on Verdum by JDS... but Brock's chin is equally impressive. How this did not lay him out I will never know. Ok we see all know what happens from here, Carwin punches the **** out of Brock (and consequently himself) but as the round ends... now this is beauitul. You hear BJJ guys talk like "oh i want someone who knows nothing about BJJ to see my technique and say, "thats beautiful" I know nothing at all about wrestling. But I think from the point where there is 1:11 left in the first round, to when there is 1:03 left. Wow... Brock knows this wrestling ****. Albiet the website i watched the fight offers some pretty cool camera angels, the one where you have a low to the ground angel shows it the best. Best damn this impressed me, I dont know what its called, I dont care, but it loosk awesome, worked well, get him from a bad place to a good place and didnt bore the **** out of me. For mine, Brock makes wrestling far more attractive than GSP. ( sorry i love GSP as much as the next guy) Brock doesn't look scared, he looks focus like he'd ready for the grind, knowing very well that he lost the round but isn't focusing on what just happened. I love his spirit. Carwin looks worn out but it's hard to tell sitting on his stool. I love Carwin's wink lol. Around the 4:25 mark Shane lands again, Brock backs up like a mother****er because he knows what happens if he stays around, but Brock just doesn't go down this time. I think Brock's ability to survive is equal to Carwins power. Lesnar, i love watching him take guys down. So powerful. Now this is perfect, amazing, astounding, awesome- awe inspiring BJJ... and by BJJ I mean "Brock Jui Jitsu" Rogan(Cesear Gracie Brazlian JJ brown belt) says something about Brock not having it in properly... I dont think the normal rules apply to Brock. I think he could make a guy tap from an Indian burn he is so damn strong he doesn't need to have the intracasies down pat. He squeezes, shifts his wieght. Carwin taps. The fight is a testament to Lesnars survial ability. I think Carwin is the only guy in the UFC who could beat Brock. Cain doesn't have the power of Carwin, and Carwins power wasn't enough( I believe) What's more I dont know if Cain even has the wrestling of Brock. JDS still has questions unanswered, but could still maybe pull off a monster combo to get Brock (Carwin connected yes, but didn't exactly pull off two to three clean shots to the chin in the space of a second... could this KO Brock?) Could Nelson beat Brock? Its MMA so yeah i guess anything can happen but my final note. If you think the Allistair Overeem of 2010 would break a sweat against any, ANY HW in the world, your kidding yourself... and probably aren't a K-1 fan or understand striking. I dont care if Rogers was a punching bag with limbs, DAMN! the way he slips punches are amazing. Hope you liked thoughts on the fight. AND IM SICK! of these frieken keyboard warriors... Carwin has no cardio Carwin has no cardio he has no conditioning wa wa wa... HE JUST PUNCHED FOR ALMOST THREE STRAIGHT MINUTES! The size of the gas tank doesnt matter if you put all your gas into a flurry of punches, if you punch that many times your gonna be stuffed no matter how fit you are or arent. Try punch a boxing bag as hard and fast as you can for a minute straight you see what i mean. What's more conditioning for a HW is entirely different to conditioning to another wieght. ... watch this and realise that 50% of these guys have much better striking than anyone in the UFC.
  6. Azsam

    ufc prime time

    5 minutes in a song starts playing "step into a world and theres no one there" i think i got the lyrics wrong whats it called, anyone know?
  7. you wouldnt know sarcasm if it turkey slapped you
  8. i find rampage remarks racist! and racism is a crime! but crime IS for black people...
  9. ok the first frame on the ufc.com video board is the UFC 113 rampage v rashad hype reel, at 20 seconds in what does rampage say it sounds like "you gonna be small black on black c***" im sure thats not it on other matters, SHOGUN WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! NO#1 LHW IN THE WORLD FEDOR IS P4P KING HIZOKA IS A JERK but yeah what does rampage say
  10. good analysis pain 101 is an idiot
  11. Azsam

    Tae Kwon Do

    i **** you not joe rogan was a state and nation TKD champ he said he was pissed off for becoming good at somethin so useless
  12. In all honesty as a huge Fedor fan, the answer is no. I don't care, when UFC was the number 2 company to pride and he was dominating the top organisation he didn't care about what people said so he doesn't care now. He already has sat on top of the world before... and these guys he's fighting are still top 10 heavyweights.. and im pretty sure allistair overeem would own the UFC heavywieght division anyway... type in Allistair Overeem highlight into youtube and understand the striking in UFC is pathetic compared to K-1...
  13. Ok so can anyone tell me about Ivan Emelianenko i'm like everyone else and wanna see this kid fight, he was rumoured to debut in MMA last year. Whats he done whats he doing has he fought yet? EDIT:don't care if you wanted to argue, debate and/or pontificate about Alexandre or Fedor
  14. i realise this but lesnar looks more comfortable with larger cuts...
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