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  1. Lol I will agree with Bork there, if a person is very wealthy they can probably receive better healthcare in the United States. But I can say with 100% certainty that none of you on this forum fall into that category. Nor would the vast majority of Americans who are uninsured or under-insured. I've had nothing but fantastic experiences with our healthcare system so that's all I can go by.
  2. 1.French is an official language - I'm proud that our country recognizes the Quebecois french speaking population. And a phone call to any US business voicemail will clearly show that you have Spanish as your second unofficial language so what's the difference. 2. healthcare system is communist I've never met a Canadian who went bankrupt because he/she got sick. Prior to the current recession this was the number 1 cause of individuals declaring bankruptcy in the United States. Also' date=' because we have access to free preventative healthcare we have a longer life expectancy. [b']3. and your family is unable to seek the death penalty in the event of your murder[/b] I am extremely proud that our country doesn't practice backwards, uncivilized forms of punishment like the death penalty. I'm also proud that every citizen in my country has the the same rights whether they're gay, straight, black, or green. I'm also proud that anywhere in the country women have the liberty to make their personal choices regarding their reproductive rights. I'm also proud that you can't buy a handgun or assault rifle at a gun shop on every second street corner. I'm also very proud that our criminal justice system is focused on rehabilitation instead of just warehousing criminals, our lower recidivism rate is testament to the success of this approach. You've said nothing that offends me...you've put forth a valiant effort but you've failed. You're just not knowledgeable or intelligent enough to best me intellectually. Probably because you were raised in the united States and they have a laughable public education system
  3. But number one at what? Have you been to the US? It's a craphole, you wander into the wrong neighborhood after dark and you die. It's a brokeass, crime ridden, cesspool of poverty, racism and ignorance. Their education system is garbage, their citizens have been the only people in the industrialized world to not have access to universal healthcare, they're military is stretched to the breaking point and the biggest successes they've had in recent years is literally paying off insurgents not to attack them. Even the life expectancy in the US has declined, for the first time in the country's history this generation can expect to die earlier then the last. They're obese, uneducated, lazy, ignorant of the rest of the world... Phew, I really got on a roll there! Reign it in Williamson Seriously though, the USA is number one at many things, none of them good.
  4. Ooh, ouch...did you really have to pull out the big guns on me right off the bat? I'm a dork? *sniffle* it's really going to take some time for my self esteem to recover from that devastating burn. You should be forced to register your keyboard as a lethal weapon Oh and Ben Askren would get chewed up and spit out against any of the UFC welterweights. That's just a fact.
  5. That's okay, I've never heard of either of you so I'm terribly upset.
  6. I bet GSP couldn't hang with Tiger Woods either but who gives a ****, this isn't golf and it isn't Olympic wrestling either. It's MMA and this clown would get schooled by any fighter in the UFC welterweight division.
  7. I'm not upset at all actually. I'm simply trying to educate americans and let them know that their beer commercials have lied to them...they're not the good guys, they're not the heros, they no have to claim to the moral high-ground, their government has committed horrific acts of evil and cowardice throughout their country's history and since they refuse to denounce these atrocities and war crimes and stand behind the decision makers the american people are culpable and deserve to be held to account.
  8. None that I would run around patting myself on the back about on some silly internet forum.
  9. Thanks, I was pretty sick to my stomach. In reality the only reason he was elected with a majority government is because our economy has been doing well and we have gone pretty much unaffected by the global recession. But that's due to the strict regulations on our banking and financial system that were put in place by previous liberal governments. Nah, we'll be stuck with the conservatives for the next 4 years but when it comes down to it they're far too right of centre and motivated by religious ideology to please people for long. They'll overstep their bounds by bringing up the abortion debate or gay marriage or their anti-immigration rhetoric and they'll be on their way out.
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