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  1. Yes it will. LMAO you really dont know much about mma do you ? JDS vs Overeem is goin to be a first round KO probally first 2 minutes no way this is a fight of the night never mind fight of the millenia. the match up is amazing and the best HW matchup ever but both guys hit to hard to last.
  2. if you thought that fight sucked your a bad person.
  3. [broken fighters: BJ: Broken by his 2nd defeat to gsp weakkkkkk, after he lost to GSP he had some of his best wins ALVES: defeat to gsp got on his head I think, another weak call he wasnt broken just given wrestlers who grinded him out MACHIDA: Broken by Shogun on 1st fight, lmao you call the crane kick of doom and losing to jones broken ? FAIL. RAMPAGE: broken by A-TEAM LOL, seriously hahaha, yeah ill give u he looked bad after. BADER: Broken by Jones and Tito defeats, what are u talking about did u not watch his last fight ? CARWIN: Not the same after Brocks fight LMAO he faught one time after and hung in there for a beating !!! YOU SUCK . EDGARD: He will be broken by Henderson FRANKLIN: Broken by Anderson, your crazy and obviously dont even know what ur talking about. Came back stronger: SHOGUN: Came back stronger but his bad shape is another issue CAIN: Watch, he will come back stronger. Dont know if he will be the champ again tho SONNEN: He knows he could beat the champ. Stronger and more confident than ever THIAGO SILVA: I think he will come back stronger after his suspension, her wont be on juice anymore so how will he be stronger. ANDERSON/JONES: They would come back stronger all ur came back strongers r your guess that they would. again, your thread failed. this site seems to get weaker and weaker, not a very good thread, not like theres every anything worth reading on here anyways.
  4. Shogun or Cung Le could never make 185 and if they did they would gas before 2 mintues. weak
  5. then who is the best HW ever? and no HW should be in P4P talks thats dumb,.
  6. LMAO thats so stupid, the fight lasted 64 seconds, cain trew some heavy kicks and looked the same as usual until getting KOd. Theres nothing you can do to make a punch hurt less, the Cain that faught Brock would have been dropped by that punch its not like his head was made of steel then, Kongo rocked him easy too.
  7. Funny cain out wrestled Brock and he couldnt take down JDS...... and JDS has already beat the winner of Oveerem vs Brock . and would u really try and say 4-2 Brock is the best HW in the ufc history
  8. After KOing Cain in 64 seconds and winning his 8th UFC fight in a row including 6 highlight reel KOs is JDS the greatest HW in the UFC? Lets look at some of his cometition: JDS (8-0) 1 time champ with, 1 defence Randy Couture (10-4) 2 time champ with, 3 and 1 defences Tim Syliva (9-4) 2 time champ with, 1 def and 2 defences Andre Arlovski (10-4) 1 time champ with, 2 defence Frank Mir (13-4) 1 time champ, 1 time interim champ Cain Velasquez (7-1) 1 time champ with, 1 defence JDS has beaten better competition than any of these guys and is already 8-0, do you think he should be considered the best HW ever in the UFC? and if not who is ?
  9. instead of a top 10 heres my top punchers per division IMO LHW 1. Hendo 2. Shogun 3. Rampage Middle weight 4 and 5. Anderson Silva (or maybe Vitor hard to say) 6. Chris Leben Welterweight 7. Anthony Johnson 8. Jake Ellenburger Lightweight 9. Edson Barboza 10. Jermey Stephans
  10. lol whats the point of this ? do u really have nothing better to say then to troll ?
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