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  1. Well im going to college for power engineering. So what you mean is its better to get more experience in the job, AFTER you get the diploma or degree ?
  2. i'd like to see him drop to 185
  3. whos not the heavyweight kingpin LOLOL
  4. It was an alright night, but everyone who i wanted to win lost ! -Props to bendo , wanted nate to win , but whatever. Nate will be back -Sad to see shogun lose, but no excuses gus looked better then him tonight, but when shogun had the leg lock i was screaming lol - bj ... well what can i say , looked to me like he quit through the fight But even with all this said, no excuses , or bias, or ******** . I just havent been able to accept henderson as the LW champ . Idk why , i didnt have a problem with frankie or bj, like i accepted frankie as champ after the second bj fight, but i just cant accept henderson. Maybe accepts not the right word, maybe like, he just doesnt feel like the champ to me for some reason. Its weird lol
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