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  1. I hope your using that describe your fail.
  2. Thanks... I showed you Brock ****. I'm glad you admit it. Now that your stage of denial is over we can begin rehab.
  3. I'd like my nuts, between her mouthpiece.
  4. Fedor is the best ever HW in history of MMA. How can you prove he's not?
  5. Sizzerb

    make subs illegal?

    Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja... Are you KKK and want to lynch me?
  6. This thread sucks. Lets change this to "women show me your ****" thread.
  7. Sizzerb

    make subs illegal?

    Ja I agree mon. No subs in MMA plz. Take out ground game to.
  8. What are you talking about. Womens MMA will work...... If they fight nude.
  9. Hey man I know your girlfreind. Don't worry she isn't exclusive, she sucks off horses and goes **** to mouth.
  10. Brock Lesnar = A great wrestler and a d_ouchebag
  11. the 40's... We see a new rise of super powers. USSR and U.S.A. The whole world changes.
  12. Sizzerb


    PM me a link, I can't find anything.
  13. I have to go Dirty Harry. Also him as the guy off Grand Torino was pretty badass.
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