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  1. ok that was good, just had sex with three lil slags from the bar they said my ***** was so big that it hurt them, but they still liked it Also they said my huge arms looked great After i got done with that i schooled some dudes at pool then i beat them arm wrestling They said i was as beautiful as a woman and tried to hit on me i said i know im pretty but i dont go that way
  2. its a curse really........nah jk it sucks though because all the women want to put it in themselves it gets tiring
  3. great way to pad ur post count...make a thread about how many posts you have, then gain 1k more posts from that thread alone
  4. Did you finally get laid by a prostitute? or would Fasts wife not f^%% you
  5. what do you mean defend yourself, i was just having a celebration thrad and talking about my wife and family why are u hating
  6. lol fast is a poosy in a hat
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