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  1. TO BE THE MAN YOU GOTTA BEAT THE MAN... rua didn't beat the man... if you wanna win the title by decision, you gotta do more than just the bear min...machida vs rua 2 will be all machida.... lol @ the dude who called machida overrated... you guys are really funny!!! the best answer i've seen in this thread is anderson silva... that's it
  2. name some fighters that can beat machida... i'm interested to see what y'all think
  3. rampage is the only one who will brawl with kimbo... that's kimbos world... y'all act like dude got a pass in to the ufc... he's there for a reason, marketing is one, but his hands are golden... i bet you rampage knows that and would probably tell you that... i'm telling you, jackson vs kimbo would shut a lotta folks up... and it would most likely have the highest ratings of any ufc to date!!!
  4. yep, that's the one everybody talks about... but kimbo's grown a great deal since then... he'd do better in LHW... he'll knock the sh*t outta jackson and he would be a nice match for machida... he would lose that fight no doubt... but i think he would suprise some folks... the fact is people run his name through the mud, but folks seem to have a hell of a lotta respect for his stand up when they square off with him (a lil too much respect in houston's case).. i don't understand that, but whatever. kimbo's a factor... he'll prove that within his next couple fights
  5. hollywood will catch on to kimbo too... it's only a matter of time... kimbo's look is very unique to a lotta folks, that's the advantage he has over jackson in that area...
  6. budwiser is gonna be in the middle of the octagon soon... at that point you can kiss boxing goodbye... but real talk, ufc needs to pay their fighters better at some point...i mean yeah, boxing will f*ck you up more in the long run... but there is a substantial difference in pay... you got floyd gettin 20 million a fight!!! lessner wasn't seein nothin close to that... not even on the radar
  7. i think yes...as much as i hate comparing ufc to wwe, i think kimbo can do for this sport what hulk hogan did for pro wrestling... maybe he won't be the best ever in the octagon... but let's be real, dude's a superstar... he just hasn't launched yet... with the right help he can really become a household name for the ufc... something they don't have right now... you can argue that liddel or jackson is a household name, but the naked eye ain't gonna recognize those names... kimbo can be someone that anybody could see and automatically associate with the ufc... i've been sayin this for a couple years now and they're finally giving him his shot...what do you think??? is he the new face or the new fail??? let's see how many say fail...lol
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