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  1. I believe we all know by now that what Brock lacks in technique he makes up for with pure brute strength and athleticism. Oh - and that angry viking drive to kill people.
  2. Heavyweight is a whole other ball game my friend. I'm pretty sure Mir would dispose of Silva in a HW bought.
  3. shrimp_jao

    frank mir

    He was too relaxed in the clinch. I believe he thought that he was safe there. Apparently he wasn't.
  4. Anyone here that says "Makem' ******* fight!" most likely 1.) Does not train and cannot imagine themselves fighting one of their training partners 2.) The drunk guy that wears TapOut shirts and boo's at the UFC events
  5. From now on whenever I see you post I am going to be imagining "Vinny" fist pumping. You are Vinny.
  6. Carwin so I could get paid quickly.
  7. The game has evolved too much for Chuck to be a real contender.
  8. "I train UFC" "Hey guys, let's UFC!"
  9. Hmmm. I'll just write down the first things that come to mind. Throwing tennis balls and rocks at cars. Broke a few windows here and there. My old neighborhood had a golf course. At night we would mess up the green and throw the flags into the ponds. Golf maintenence crew did not like that. Would shoot at little kids on Halloween with my paintball gun. How those kids screamed! I'll post more later if I can remember any. Most of this was done when I was 15.
  10. shrimp_jao

    Mir vs ????

    I'm always pumped to watch Mir fight so it doesn't really matter for me. Big Nog II to clear all the excuses about the staph infection. Cain/JDS - If Mir wins he will be put back in title contention. CroCop - Somebody mentioned this in another thread. Would be interesting to watch that.
  11. Thiago Alves and Forrest have great kicks. Watch them fight.
  12. I agree. A lot of those punches were really unecessary. It hurt to watch Mir get punched so many times. Hopefully he comes back stronger.
  13. Alcohol legal Marijuana not Why? Government can't tax marijuana. Good-bye.
  14. I would say it is a combination of all of the above. Each person had their part in transforming the UFC.
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