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  1. No way in hell. We have the most overrated WR ever in Wes Welker, and our running game isn't on the same level as the Skins. The only reliable receivers Brady has are Brandon Llyod, and Deion Branch.
  2. Completely agree. Pats are winning the super bowl Lol, that's ridiculous!
  3. Who do you have winning MVP this season?? Some choices Tom Brady: QB rating: 104.2 Completion: 64% Yards: 3,833 TD:29 INT:4 Peyton Manning QB rating:104 Completion: 68% Yards: 3,812 TD: 30 INT: 10 Robert Griffin III QB rating: 104.2 Completion: 66% Yards: 2,902 TD: 18 INT: 4 Adrian Peterson Yards: 1,600 Yards per attempt: 6.0 Yards a game: 123.1 TD: 10 Fumbles: 3
  4. Keep an open mind Manners and respect Success only comes before work in the dictionary.
  5. When i want to shred ill go with any dimebag solo. When im just strumming its usually a Kurt Cobain solo
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