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  1. I like Page but lately he just looks slow and disinterested
  2. I just can't see any way that Rampage can win this fight... certainly not the current Rampage.
  3. Nog's got this... bust him up with the hands and finish him with a sub.
  4. Nice work, I don't wanna go too hard too early... I got a long night ahead
  5. Avenged Sevenfold - Natural Born Killer... amazing intro
  6. Absolutely, just need to rehydrate in the morning before I get back on it this arvo
  7. This is such a tough fight to pick but I'm leaning towards Marquardt. I think he'll be able to defend enough takedowns and land his power shots. I'm sure he would have learned plenty from the Sonnen fight and will have the game plan to edge out Okami.
  8. For me its a tough call between Anderson,Shogun and Aldo. Power and precision.
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