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  1. Ahh good old WarWest. Was wondering when you were going pull GSP's nuts out of your mouth long enough to make a comment.
  2. GSP will finish this fight because this is the first non legitimate contender he has faced.
  3. Again I think this is a very important point. GSP is the prototype for MIXED martial arts. Thats what makes him the greatest WW champ. Matt is a close second as a pioneer for the sport in general.
  4. unfortunately you are not one of them.
  5. ufcnub


    i just ordered it! I am going to be in amazing shape.
  6. ufcnub


    http://www.gsprushfit.com/ Sheer GSP awesomeness. I just ordered it!!!
  7. GSP walks around at 187... he might be about 185 come fight day... he is never 195
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