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  1. Ahh good old WarWest. Was wondering when you were going pull GSP's nuts out of your mouth long enough to make a comment.
  2. GSP will finish this fight because this is the first non legitimate contender he has faced.
  3. Again I think this is a very important point. GSP is the prototype for MIXED martial arts. Thats what makes him the greatest WW champ. Matt is a close second as a pioneer for the sport in general.
  4. unfortunately you are not one of them.
  5. ufcnub


    i just ordered it! I am going to be in amazing shape.
  6. ufcnub


    http://www.gsprushfit.com/ Sheer GSP awesomeness. I just ordered it!!!
  7. GSP walks around at 187... he might be about 185 come fight day... he is never 195
  8. So I was watching the fight with 9 of my buddies. 7 of which are BJ ***huggers. When the majority draw was announced they all cheered. I guess Dana made the right decision. He kept the majority happy.
  9. Because it was draw at that point. He need the 3rd round. BJ's corner said the same thing. But I guess the third round was a draw because Penn had established such a dominant position. I mean did you see the way his head was hitting Fitch's hand. BJ is just amazing!!
  10. Fitch was robbed. BJ said it himself. why are people disagreeing with the guys that fought the fight?
  11. besides this poll is pointless. Even Penn said he lost.
  12. The people who are voting for PENN are ballcuddlers. Plain and simple.
  13. Please god no. I would never want to see a GSP vs. BJ PENN 3. GSP doesn't have much time left in his prime and I don't want to see any wasted fights. Where the hell is the new talent...
  14. Diego initally dropped down to LW becuase he knew he had a much better shot taking the LW belt from BJ than the WW belt from GSP. Diego is good, but would get smashed by the top 5 WW.
  15. Shogun would knock silva the fck out. Silva could not compete with the top 5 LHWs unless it was a dance contest.
  16. Well that doens't make much sense. Sounds like you should have used that superior stricking skill to knockhim out. Why didn't you?
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