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  1. Hoy me lleve la decepci?n de mi vida al acudir a las instalaciones de cinepolis, a presenciar este evento que no fue transmitido por fox, en primera el costo fue muy elevado, la calidad de imagen muy baja, la pelea se trababa a cada minuto, y para terminar, se fue la imagen en el ultimo round de la pelea estelar. Ya no transmitiran peleas por FoxSports???? tendr? qe ir a cinepolis?? por que no pienso pagar de nuevo por algo asi de mediocre
  2. Bisping has no chance against Stann, so he would never have a chance against Silva, he is just a guy who won TUF that's it, he is not a top fighter, A better fight for Silva would be Stann, he has excellent stand up, so he could really KO silva
  3. I know he will win this fight, but if he doesnt, I think he should retire and become a ufc commentator, I think he is better than joe rogan,
  4. This is going to be a great fight, I have Mir winning this one by arm bar, what do you think? http://espn.go.com/mma/story/_/id/8201384/mma-strikeforce-grand-prix-winner-daniel-cormier-fight-former-ufc-champion-frank-mir
  5. I think Mir will be champ again, in his last fight he was set to fight cain, but a month before de fight everything changed and he was fightin JDS, and JDS is the most dangerous fighter in the division, a month isn?t enough to prepare against a guy like JDS, besides he lasted two rounds with JDS, Cain only 1 minute, and after another win Cain deserves a title shot right away? I think Mir has to cut weight, like before when he was 240 - 245.
  6. Does anyone know who is next for mir? I think he is doing a great job, against JDS he didnt look that bad, as many people though, so I think he will come back and get that tittle
  7. Watch the fight against Brian Stann:
  8. Overeem is the one who can beat JDS, and it would be a better fight than Cain. what do you think???? I mean JDS will destroy Cain as many time as they fight
  9. Mir has never been over rated, he was on a 3 win streak that's why he got the tittle shot, besides he was set to fight cain not JDS, and he enterded because Overeem was out
  10. Mir did a good fight, but he was to heavy for dos santos, he needs to go back to 245 pounds, he hit good leg kicks, and hit several shots at dos santos, but he got caught, it's mma as he said, in the first round he should have continued hitting the legs, he was doing good, next time Mir
  11. Just remember guys on his fight against vera he came from a big accident, I mean you all excuse Cain for loosing his belt after a year off, but you use the vera's fight as a reference with mir????? c'mon wake up, mir is for real, he has done very well against strikers, and I don't think JDS is different from others, he has the momentum, but that's it, I dont see him holding the belt for long time, cain said the same thing before the JDS fight,
  12. In the Big Nog's fight Mir wasn't KOed as you think, after he got rocked by Big Nog, he made a really smart move, going to that position so Big Nog coulnd hit him anymore, and then the rest,,,,,, he showed better BJJ than Big Nog
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