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  1. Schaub? Why would he even be in the conversation to fight Cain. He hasn't earned that
  2. http://www.fightcove.com/video-ufc-145-primetime-jones-vs-evans-episode-3/
  3. I just kinda got the impression that they both were alot more respectful to each other at that press conference? What you guys think?
  4. Doesn't:D seem that funny now really after how scared Jorge looked at the press conference lol
  5. He did look awesome in the third round, clear win for Jackson though.
  6. His heads definitely a heavyweight.
  7. I think he will win, however I really like Lauzon!!!
  8. I like GSP however I agree with everything you say here
  9. sjameson6969


    You think he might be losing his hair?
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