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  1. Schaub is going to sleep... (By choke, most likely!) ...Unless he taps
  2. Yeah man, and the only danger to Olivera was that his knee was about to be hyper-extended, apart from that he was perfectly fine.
  3. Because of the awesome beginning. Or about 5 other songs by Enter Shikari.
  4. KO's are more likely to happen when you mismatch opponents...
  5. Because Chael is the ****ing man, why else?
  6. No, YOU'RE a cheat and a fraud. HA! And also there are so many statements in your post that make absolutely no sense and have no facts backing them up. Do your research before making retarded statements.
  7. McBottery

    Nam vs Garcia

    Gonna go with Nam by either decision or late submission.
  8. I don't know about you guys (or if its been said yet) but I think I would rather be cracked in the face than have a strong wrestler slam me into the concrete...
  9. Idk, being that its not going to be a title fight (Vitor beats Anderson, then Chael vs Anderson for Chael's first fight back) this doesn't leave as much time for Chael to leave a submission open for Silva to take. Chael by Unanimous Decision after a 3 round beating.
  10. Being that I would prefer to make more money... I would go back to the UFC. And I'm sure most of the people who said no would too if they were in the situation.
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