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  1. tagas

    I dont get it

    the guy that hit him is his promoter or manager......it happened rite after machida's first mma victory. his promoter is very well known and famous in that area and it is said if he hits a fighter like that the fighter becomes legendary..... machida did not know about that tradition before he was hit and when he was asked how he felt about it, he said something like, "i didn't know about that, he could do it again if he wanted to."
  2. w. silva did have a good win in the last fight and looked better then he has been in these resent years. akiyama is a tough challenge for him at this time. i am sorry to say i have akiama finishing this fight (not necessarily a ko). akiyama is stronger and has a more powerful hands then silva and he has good submissions. prediction... first or second round finish. (i know it's a bit vague)
  3. there could be something to this.... a persons attitude when approaching a certain situation could be a look in to his state of mind. ok, back to mma.......sonnen will rue the day he called out silva and thought he could stand with him. i hope your right about your observation. silva can destroy almost anybody he faces inside the octagon and is favored against the rest. (as few as the rest are) sorry a bit hyped for this fight.... i could get carried away at times. carry on......
  4. if this story is true.... i am not surprised. lesner has great power in his hands and so does carwin. what separates or stands-out about there power is...... carwin's use of that power (in the stand up) carwin is a better boxer then lesnar and that translates into his success, in the stand up game. i will say carwin's jab is better and more devestating then lesnars but if i had to choose who has the more powerful hay maker.... i would say lesnar. with limited certainty.
  5. what is "wah"? you are complaining about his personality only... do you realize he is a fighter? you don't think fans can like him for his fighting abilities...... so if you like a fighter for all the wrong reasons alone you should try the wwe... there fans flip flop as much times as the story line changes. (if a wwe wrestler is the good guy fans like him and the same guy turns bad they boo.) mma is a fighters world and fighting should be at the top of the criticism.... if you look at personality alone you fail as a fan.
  6. roy has more power than jds? no wonder you say nelson can win, you must be seeing something i'm not. i have literally watched all the ko's in the ufc by both men, there is no way roy has the power then jds, imo. roy's fights, pre ufc, i have not seen much of but the fight with mir was ok. roy could get jds down? i doubt it, until i see it happen it is just your opinion... i can respect that. roy had trouble getting kimbo down in the tuf season, imo.... until kimbo threw a dumb knee in a middle of a takedown attempt. that only comes from the lack of experience on kimbo's part. clear evidence of jds' takedown defense is not there, i can admit that..... but gozaga got a hold of him in there fight and that lasted a second. jds quickly powered out of that before it turned in to anything. imo this is an easy win for jds..... the stand up game is completely his. also i'll stick to claiming, roy can't get jds to the ground before getting ko'd in the process or jds getting tired (and i don't see him getting gassed, he showed good cardio against crocop)
  7. yeah, avoiding the forums is your best bet for avoiding spoilers. you can't ask people not to discuss mma as it happens or as they want to.... this is a ufc/mma forum after all. i'm not being rude here. it's just that your request is not practical.
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