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  1. He beat a maegashira 9 sumo- wrestler-turned- pro- wrestler due to the smoking of the weed. Give him some credit.
  2. Who are your favorite movie directors and why? I'm pretty sure I've made this thread before, but ain't nobody got time for surfin through the forum pages 1.) Quentin Tarantino 2.) Danny Boyle 3.) Christopher Nolan 4.) Paul Thomas Anderson 5.) David Fincher
  3. Donald Cerrone- He'll win the LW title Demian Maia- He'll get a title shot Gussy- The Swede will continue to smash
  4. Yeah, Nates a monster. He's always been one of my favorites. Now that he's bigger and won't get thrown around I think he can dominate, because his striking is really good.
  5. I don't think there are huge skill differentials anywhere. In the striking department, Miller is better than Lauzon, but not by that much. I think Joe is a better grappler, but not by that much. Also, though Miller has knockout power, I don't think his striking is good enough to knock out Lauzon. Miller only has one knockout victory under his belt. Lauzon has only been knocked out by three people: Pettis, Kenny Florian, and Jorge Masvidal. All of those dudes are pretty good at knocking people out. I'm calling Lauzon by submission, keeping his finishing streak alive.
  6. Yeah, I totally agree. He's probably gonna get knocked out too.
  7. It's all about money, money, money... War Diaz though
  8. Griff/Bonnar Condit/Ellenberger Frankie/Maynard II
  9. I think that this fight will be way, way different from the first. In the first fight, Rory was the aggressor in the first two rounds. He stalked Condit down and this caused Condit to back up a lot during the fight. I think this is one of the main reasons that Condit couldn't get much flowing, even if the fight was close heading into the third round. He didn't look like himself in the striking. His movement was pretty much just backwards the whole time on the feet. This is the reason I picked Diaz to win their fight. I figured he would back him into the cage and rip him apart. However, Condit's movement improved so much. I think he is a way better striker than he was back then, and I can't see Rory winning a fight on the feet with him. His TDD has improved too, but MacDonald is a great wrestler. I think he can get it to the ground, and he'll do a better job at holding position this time around. Condit is good off of his back, but Rory is really strong. I think this fight will end up being Condit out-striking Rory, with Rory landing a few TD's. Condit will do more work and damage though, eventually winning a close decision. P.S. Condit and GSP are the only people in the division that can beat Rory. The guy is a monster.
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