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  1. No. He is going to be out a while after that beating.
  2. MMAEars

    JDS hospital pics

    Wow. What a beating.
  3. Nick has the better chance simply because Sonnen is out of his league here. He will be worked so bad by Jones, it won't even be funny. Diaz has a chance against GSP but that's about it. It's GSP's fight to lose.
  4. Wait, holding your hands down by your waste and plodding around the cage like Brock Lesnar is a bad strategy? Do tell..
  5. JDS looked slow. Almost lethargic tonight.
  6. I agree. I deserves his shot at the title. I really hopes he beats Vitor and I think he has a decent chance at it. I'm starting to like The Count!
  7. So I guess Stefan Struve is the HW GOAT then.... Jones makes weight at 205. So he is eligible to fight at 205. Yes he has an advantage but he is also a skilled fighter. I think he would do as well at HW.
  8. This is somewhat true. Diaz has pissed off GSP for sure. But I think that is a mistake. He (Diaz) is going to get the beating of his life.
  9. The only GSP fight that pretty much sucked was the Shields fight. The rest of them are just dominant wins.
  10. MMAEars

    rory > nick

    Nick has less of a chance against Rory than he does against GSP. And GSP is going to school Nick.
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