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  1. So, after beating the living s*** out of Lesnar for 4+ minutes, is that when Carwin decided to throw the fight? Bleacherreport is a joke and a half.
  2. Uhh.. didn't Vitor win the LHW belt in 2004? Wasn't he like 26 at that point? Jones is 23 currently I believe. You can check my numbers, but I'm pretty sure Jones is the youngest ever.
  3. Now this is a good answer. Did you doubt Jones or just really wanted a Shogun win?
  4. Thanks for trying to dictate my posting, I think I'll stick with my thread. I'm looking for serious answers as to why people weren't buying into Jones. This isn't just an "I told ya so" thread. I really do want to know what turned people off about Jones.
  5. Every sport needs its villains.
  6. It's been a while since I've graced these forums, but after Jones' dominating performance over one of the greatest fighters ever, I had to make an appearance. I don't understand how some of you people were unable to buy Jones' stock. First Hamill was going to pulverize Jones.. wrong. Next, "the janitor" was supposed to mop up the floor with Jones... wrong. Then, Bader was going to be the first man to beat Jones... wrong. Oh yeah, and the hype train was supposed to be derailed on Saturday night, but once again.. wrong. What was with all the doubt? Was it the fact that he's only been doing MMA for three years? Was it just that? His inexperience? Cause I know you guys couldn't be referring to his deadly striking, relentless ability to take down anyone at will, and freakish, never-before-seen athleticism in your clouds of doubt. I don't understand how you didn't automatically start buying Jones' stock after the first time you saw him fight. There is no one on the LHW roster who can match his athleticism, reach and strikes. It's like watching a young Anderson Silva. He is a men amongst boys at LHW (even though he's the youngest champ in history). His athletic prowess is unparalleled. Now, he did show some major flaws in his ground game. He left himself susceptible to a few submissions when he was on the ground--luckily, he was able to capitalize regardless. It's scary to think how much better he will be when he fights Rashad. He's going to correct his weaknesses and put on one of the most dominating performances we have ever seen when he fights Evans. This kid is a moving train without a conductor and untied air brakes. He is unstoppable. Perennial champ, no doubt. Get used to not seeing the LHW belt shift around like it has been doing for the past couple years.
  7. All time - Fedor Right now - Silva
  8. 2below

    Vera cut by the UFC

    i don't think they will cut sonnen. the money laundering issues he's facing stem from 2006. they aren't recent enough to warrant him being cut
  9. if you were here when there was that drought of title fights, people were whining asking for title fights. now they get the title fights and they are still whining.
  10. he likes the feeling of being completely dehydrated. obviously he's planning for a move to HW because this thread was created.
  11. 2below

    Vera cut by the UFC

    SF will pick him up, but he stands no chance in their LHW division either... if he even has the will to fight again. he might be too worried about that orbital and now his nose. his whole face is just getting wrecked whenever he enters the cage. he needs to work on his timing
  12. me too. his body looks a lot better, more filled in, less skeleton like. i think he should abandon the MW belt after he beats Vitor and move up to LHW because he could easily win that belt (since Machida is a total non-factor now) before he retires. then he can solidify himself as GOAT
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