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  1. Red and yellow makes orange.
  2. This has been debated for decades now and it won't change a thing. The only thing I see our government doing is ban assault rifles which were built for warfare purposes. Other than that, it is our right to bear arms. What's funny about that, is less people die per year from RIFLES of all types than die of being beaten with a hammer. Liberals and Politicians are seriously pretty ignorant of FACTS! They just go off emotion, then when it all goes wrong they point their fingers and blame Bush...
  3. Well, I now have outstanding sex with emotion, so I don't even remember what the others were like. I vaguely remember fantastic sex with little emotion, and while fun, lost it's luster. And I remember mediocre sex with emotion, it was great. Look, even the worst piece of tail I've ever had was damned good lol!
  4. Nothing else matters when she's naked. I don't even know what's going on in here. FACE!!!
  5. If they try to disarm the population, they will start the second Civil War. Disarming, or fiddling too much with the second amendment will be the straw that broke the camels back. It's a bad plan. And you liberal idiots that believe it would work to make anyone safer are about as stupid as burned out hippies that see rainbow farting unicorns.
  6. Hi, I'm wirerat, just some **** that will likely offend you with the truth from time to time.
  7. Nothing would surprise me anymore... I've learned to no longer ever trust ANYTHING...
  8. If I was the UFC, no way in hell I give JDS less than 2 fights back to the title. Reason being. I truely believe with all of my being that after the beating he took, JDS will still not be mentally ready as he should be after just one win. JDS is going to need a couple solid wins before I think he will be mentally prepared to face Cain again. You can't tell me taking a beating like that isn't going to have a negative mental effect on JDS. 1 win will help, but it may take 2 more more good quality wins to truely get over it, and even then there will be a level of doubt in JDS, especially if Cain started the rubber match with similar success as the 2nd fight. Catch my drift? I just don't think JDS is going to be ready to face Cain anytime soon whether he says he is or not. Don't let pride fool ya. His heads going to be jacked up a bit after this fight both literally and figuratively.
  9. Nick is about as Dangerous to GSP as a 10 year old girl would be. Sonnen has a slightly better shot simply because his aggression and pace could throw Jones out of sorts temporarily. Diaz isn't bringing nothing to the table that GSP hasn't already seen and beaten with ease. When will people realize what a scrub that tool really is? Oh yeah, when he's cut from the UFC around mid 2014 after 4 straight losses. Or after GSP dominates his whiney little butt and he gets butt hurt and cries his way to retirement.
  10. GSP man! WTF is wrong with you people? GSP!!! HYPE GSP!!!
  11. Rousey would probably make me tap out to an arm bar. I doubt most of us could see flighty mouse long enough to hit him. And by most of us, I mean all of us. He'd hit you fools 20 times and be behind you faster than you could raise your hands to defend anything. You can't beat what you can't catch.
  12. This thread is chocked full of LULZ! Funny stuff, keep up the good work.
  13. Heh' date=' she doesn't get to shoot the arrows with field points very often, but she's not been very careless with them yet. She's been shooting for several months already, and understands that if she gets irresponsible with them, she will not get them back for a while. Let's put it this way, she got a new bow for Christmas, but she already had two. For her Birthday in April we're trying to decide between [img']http://www.besttoys2012.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Power-Wheels-Dune-Racer-Pink.jpg[/img] or If we get her that Bow, she will have to really get focused on the seriousness of what an arrow can do, the bos she has now would likely just cause a minor puncture would if she went full retard with it, but the Diamond Atomic isn't a toy bow by any stretch, sure, compared to my bow, it will look like a toy, but a bow that can shoot arrow around 100+fps at 6lbs of draw isn't play time.
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