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  1. He loses every time he fights the best of the division
  2. Hendricks hasn't lost to GSP yet. Either way they are extremely similar. Ohh besides the beard!
  3. Jeffro21

    UFC autographs

    I'll try thank thank you
  4. Jeffro21

    UFC autographs

    main account forgot password so created the OP account is all no intentional trickery I promise lol
  5. Jeffro21

    UFC autographs

    I understand I was thinking maybe someone had something signed by one of these fighters they could compare it to and give their opinion
  6. You tihnk that will protect you? There is no place on earth you can hide! He will look for you, he will find you, and he will kill you! Change your name, burn your finger prints off, leave the country it can only buy sweet time!
  7. I herd Rory was the father so you better be careful about what you say...
  8. No doubt about it the greatest WW to ever fight
  9. Haters will always find a reason to hate. GSP was in a great fight a fight we haven't seen him in in years. He got hurt recovered and put on a great performance.
  10. GSP should fight Hendericks the division was in limbo for the past 18 months because of the injury and he should clean things up there. Silva should take care of his own division and fight Weidman those are my two cents
  11. The fight was great and GSP looked awesome yes I am bias
  12. He is the champion and needs to defend his belt not keep his division in limbo because he wants to take a vacation. If Weidman beats Tim I think he deserves the shot and silva should just fight him. Silva has a huge ego about him whether deserved or not and thinks he can hand pick his fights on who he wants to fight. Do we remember when he was saying he thought Munoz deserved a shot at the title when they were talking about Chael Silva 2? He is at the point where he wants to take easier fights not be tested with more and more pressure.
  13. Jones hasn't fought at HW so say if he does it would be a joke and he will get destroyed. When he moves to HW and wins fights just say the only people he is fighting are cans... Seems like the plan of a lot of anti-Jones people
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