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  1. Are you serious? Did you see his face before the BJ Penn fight? Anybody who likes this guy is a ******. End of story. He's a ****y ****** bag that can't fight and Penn exposed him to the world.
  2. Same way with Welter and Middle too. Penn isn't getting beaten this year.
  3. the_bear413

    Semtex vs. Pitbull

    Alves is going to win and no one is going to take GSP's title this year.
  4. I know it was his gameplan. My point is that his gameplan is boring. Majority of fight fans don't like watching a fighter that's just shooting for a decision.
  5. If Big Baby learned how to box and protect his face, he might do alright. That's a big might, though. As much as I like Big Country, I don't think he's going to do much in the UFC. Hope I'm wrong.
  6. You're probably not familiar with bodybuilding in the 90's. Not to mention his stint in the professional wrestling world where steroids run rampant.
  7. Winner. But it's not just that he wins. It's that he wins by knocking out his opponent, or by making them quit. There aren't nearly enough people in the UFC anymore that try to do that.
  8. If my thread were about Chris Leben, I would agree. I already relinquished my comment about Leben. I was under the impression that he was a good boxer because that's what Joe Rogan told me. What that moron, not you Decompoze, failed to realize is that my post is more about main events lacking competition, than the one time I mentioned the name Leben.
  9. Lesnar's body is shutting down after years of steroid abuse. Who didn't see this coming?
  10. I said too many people are training for decisions, not all. Stout vs Lauzon is an example of a good decision fight. It was fast-paced. I even said there are some good decision fights, but most of them are boring.
  11. I don't appreciate paying $50 for main events that suck.
  12. I only used the Evans vs Silva fight as my primary example because it was the last main event. To the MMA guys that got butthurt over me talking about blood, look at this scenario from an average person, and not someone who's actually trying to compete in MMA. Average people like violence and blood, not technical skill. Why do you think they market the UFC events as "fights" and not "mixed martial arts competitions"? Because people like watching fights. If I wanted to watch technical skill, I'd go youtube Karate or D-1 collegeiate wrestling.
  13. the_bear413

    Dear Dana White

    The UFC is getting boring. Too many of your fighters are training to win decisions. The only decision a fan wants to see is a bloody one. Your last main event, for example, had Evans taking down Silva for two rounds, then do nothing in the third because he knew he already had it won. That fight sucked. I'm not saying there's no such thing as a good decision fight, I've seen it happen. But to watch a guy take someone down, then let him up, then take him down, then let him back up, and then take him down again, and then let him back up, again, for 2 full rounds, is ****ing boring. And, to top it off, Rashad is probably going to get a title shot in the summer. What a joke. The Heavyweight division is looking good. Read that last sentence with a sarcastic tone. Lesnar's body is going to start shutting down now that he can't do cycles of steroids, so who's left? Mir, and the two young bucks JDS and Velasquez. The rest are mediocre fighters, or legendary names that aren't as good as they once were. I don't use the phrase "washed up," because they probably could be as good as they were, but now they have more money so they open gyms and have ****loads of people that will pay top dollar for their training, which allows them to spend more time with their family and friends, so they don't focus their energy into the UFC 24/7 like they used to. Your newest addition, Big Country (although I like his swagger because I'm from a redneck community as well), is going to get **** on once he gets out of the bottom tier. If he gets out. Anderson Silva just looks bored now. He's had the belt for 3 years and 3 months, almost to the day. Wikipedia, which isn't the most reliable source, tells me that Silva's next fight is going to be against Belfort at UFC 112. As much as I respect the legendary Belfort, Leben showed us just how effective boxing is against Anderson. Although Marquardt looks promising, he's probably just going to get destroyed once he gets to Silva, just like in the other divisions. GSP isn't going to lose. No one can touch him. Alves was looking like a true competitor, then he got bent over. I don't know if Alves was just nervous, but that was a flawless display of fighting by GSP. One of the only positive things I'm going to say in this post is that I'm happy to see Baroni coming back. It's not that I think he's good, it's that he's "the best evah." In all seriousness, the only good thing about Baroni is that he's an ******* who stirs up controversy prior to the fight and makes the fight fun to watch. Other than that, he's garbage. The Lightweight division is in the same boat as the Welterweight division. Diego Sanchez was dominant on his way up, then got obliterated. BJ Penn hit himself in the head more times than Sanchez hit Penn anywhere on Penn's entire body in that fight. The count was 11-9. You'll be happy to hear, if you even read this, that I'm not going to stop watching the UFC. The only reason is that there's nothing else to watch, other than Fedor. None of these new "rising stars," can touch the champions. People could try to make the argument that all they need is more training, but you can't teach aggression, or heart. I'd much rather see Clay Guida fight in a main event than any of the upcoming title fights, because at least he always pushes the pace, even if he has lost his last two. The only weight class that's going to have a title change this year is the Heavyweight division. Machida trains for decisions, and as the fight against Shogun showed us, he's not going to lose a decision. Unless someone with knockout power takes off their skirt and swings at him, he'll be hear until 2011. The other three weightclasses have too dominant of champions. Middleweight might change hands, but that's only if Silva quits. I'm serious, he really does look bored. Dana, I know you know what a fight is. People like seeing fights end. The winner of the fight either knocks out his opponent, or makes him quit. Taking someone down 5 times and letting him up wouldn't count as a win in my book. Especially after getting my **** handed to me in the final round. I guess my whole point is that you need more aggressive fighters. I'm not talking about stupidly-aggressive, rather fighters that are in the cage to end the fight. Also, Jonny Bones Jones is a fantastic fighter. That kid will make you some money in the future.
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