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  1. Griffin doing Tito's "retirement" interview
  2. remember that time you said you were hanging out with frank mir, then said you never said that, then everyone found out you did say that, and then you left the forum for 2 months? that was awesome.
  3. the_bear413

    Carwin is out

    So he delayed the testing so he could pass, then ate a huge bowl of roidflakes the morning after.
  4. the_bear413

    Carwin is out

    Probably ****ed up his cycle and knew he wouldn't pass the drug test
  5. Look I hate Bisping, but if he beats Belfort, I'll defend him if people still say he doesn't deserve a title shot. He will have finally earned it.
  6. how many "official" polls can 1 fight have?
  7. I dunno man, maybe you should ask Frank Mir.
  8. Two fighters are moving weightclasses and getting immediate title shots. Fighter A is coming off of a loss against the greatest fighter we've ever seen. Fighter B is coming off of 2 losses against a good, but not a GOAT worthy fighter. Tell me how fighter B has more "momentum" and is more deserving?
  9. Silva will find a way to duck him. Already said he won't fight him, and immediately started picking a fight with GSP: a fighter he has obvious physical advantages over.
  10. Like right here. Obvious hormonal teenage girl. Doesn't look at the facts. Doesn't even know that Edgar's fighting Aldo Superbowl weekend. Just votes cause she doesn't like Sonnen.
  11. So let me get this straight. Sonnen gets the most votes because he's coming off of a loss and hasn't fought anyone in the division, yet Edgar is getting a title shot after losing 2 in a row and never fighting in the division. Not to mention, the guy that Sonnen lost too also happens to be the GOAT, and the two guys that Frankie lost too simply aren't. I'm starting to think that half of the forum members are actually hormonal teenage girls that just post and vote with their "feelings" instead of looking at facts and making the correct decision.
  12. Just another case of people pushing a new fighter too fast.
  13. so has anyone other than some random guy's twitter confirmed this yet?
  14. Most of you are missing the point entirely. This thread isn't about if JDS could beat Overeem. It's about how JDS recently complained about how the UFC gives out title shots and cited Overeem as an example. Dana's simply saying that JDS is contradicting himself because he was the one that wanted the Overeem fight.
  15. Didn't they fight, and didn't Jones obliterate him?
  16. There is no way Chael is dating that
  17. Even Thiago Silva's wife juices.
  18. Dos Santos needs to step his game up.
  19. Cro-Cop's wife is a ****ing cougar.
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