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  1. On paper it looks like a good idea but a draw or an injury would be a big set-back for a division that hasn't had a title fight since April of 2011.
  2. Give Jones' career 10 more years and you won't even remember who Anderson was. Unless they fight, of course.
  3. Speak for yourself, mofo. Silva's fanboys just didn't see the obvious hole in Silva's game, I.E. getting taken down easily. Then Silva was able to train TDD for two years and stuff Sonnen's takedowns in their second fight. It aint rocket science. Anyway, this fight isn't going to be anything like Silva vs Sonnen 1 or 2. It's going to be Jones stuffing takedowns and using his range for 25 minutes.
  4. I aint trolling bro. I really said Erick would get beat by any top 10 WW.
  5. you said erick did good in that fight. he... didn't... do... good.
  6. No, I'm saying an up-and-coming fighter shouldn't fight a top 10 WW for at least 5 fights. He was too young and inexperienced, but the lot of you couldn't see that and have set him back because of it.
  7. So.... why are you defending him?
  8. 29-28 is a loss. That's bad.
  9. Whatever you got man. Were you one of the tards that saw Silva finish some nobodies real quick and think he should get a top WW fight?
  10. almost dude, almost. he almost won. almost.
  11. i couldn't have made more obvious for your dumb-*** that I thought this fight was a bad decision from day one. suck my **** you bandwagoning P.O.S.
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