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  1. After Eric Silva's last fight, I said he shouldn't be put against a top 10 WW. You all disagreed, however. For whatever reason, you all wanted to see it happen. So how'd that go for you all? Instead of letting a fighter develop his skills and learn a ground-game, you pushed for a high-tier fight and he got obliterated. I hope you all have learned something for pushing this situation. P.S. **** your excuses for E. Silva. They do not matter.
  2. The UFC won't be buying Bellator any time soon. They're currently under investigation by the FTC for their business practices..
  3. I still lol every time he gets up on the table. I don't care what the rest of you think, that **** was funny.
  4. "I think you're a *****." I lol'd at that LMFAO when he gets on the table.
  5. Wasn't this guy picked up for meth not too long ago or something?
  6. High testosterone levels and PEDs are the same thing IMO.
  7. I guess I like him more than I don't like him. I believe every fighter trains with PEDs and cycles them out of their system before fight night, so when Overeem got popped for it, I really didn't care.
  8. Silva Jones St. Pierre Aldo JDS Henderson Cruz Johnson
  9. Shogun, Machida, Evans, Henderson. They've all been fighting at the highest level for years. There's really no need to explain it. If you don't see the LHW has always been the most competitive division in MMA, then you just don't get MMA.
  10. He certainly looks promising and I look forward to his next fight.
  11. I can't figure out why the guy won't pack on more muscle. He needs to fill out to 265 and learn how to use his reach. He's already got a great ground game. He has the potential to be a monster in that division.
  12. the_bear413


    anyone else think the guy holding the bucket in Pickett's corner looked like Hodor from Game of Thrones? hahahahha
  13. the_bear413


    That was a GIGANTIC uppercut. Awesome.
  14. I recant what I said about Manuwa. The guy would get tooled by any wrestler.
  15. That squid wants to fight you? Bro, unless you're as *****-looking as he is, you should have no problem. Just try to break his pretty little nose and stay focused. He looks like the kind of person that will start panicking and flailing the moment a fight starts. Beat him up and **** his girlfriend.
  16. So I've been MIA for the last week or so absolutely killing real life. Got my CDL today and I've got a sick job lined up. Yeah, I'm gloating, do something about it Anyway, I've recently discovered Sherdog Fantasy MMA. I've never been a big fan of fantasy anything, but my friends convinced me to fill a spot in their fantasy football league this year (currently 3-0 with $200 up for grabs. Yeah, I'm gloating again, DO SOMETHING), so I figured "GO BIG OR GO HOME" applied to the situation and thus, I joined Sherdog fantasy. Went 8-4 last week, which honestly was garbage due to the Brenneman and Dunham fights. Not sayin either of them should have won, obviously, but I expected more. I digress. (16%) Jason Young vs (84%) Robert Peralta Young - UD Well, 84% of the Sherdog community is retarded, who woulda thunk? Jason Young via UD. That's a mortal lock too. Take your kids' college funds and bet on Young here. You're welcome. You see Young doesn't get T/KO'd, and he wins decisions. Peralta only T/KO's people, for the most part, and if Peralta doesn't T/KO people, he punches himself out and loses a decision. I don't know if I'm a genius for figuring that out or something, but I can't deny that it sounds like a logical pick. (23%) DaMarques Johnson vs (77%) Gunnar Nelson Nelson - Submission, 1st So the story here is that Gunnar Nelson loves to sub people and DaMJo (that's a catchy nick name, I know) loves to be subbed. Pretty simple pick. (24%) Tom Watson vs (76%) Brad Tavares Tavares - Submission, 2nd You gotta respect Tom Watson (whom I will now refer too as T-Wat, I kill myself.) The guy is just here for the fight. He's well-rounded, kinda, sorta. I just think Tavares is too young, fast, and determined for the W. **** will give it a good go though. (79%) Andy Ogle vs (21%) Akira Corassani Corassani - UD I honestly can't remember why I made this pick, but I know it was for a good reason. Just trust me here. (58%) Kyle Kingsbury vs (42%) Jimi Manuwa Manuwa - T/KO, 1st Kingsbury is just bad. I think he's fighting for his job here and needs a good-looking finish to keep it. Unfortunately Jimi's going to put him down. Also, you heard it here first, Manuwa's gonna be a star in the UFC. (67%) Che Mills vs (33%) Duane Ludwig Ludwig - T/KO, 1st No rhyme or reason for this pick, I just think Ludwig finishes it quick. (90%) John Hathaway vs (10%) John Maguire) Hathaway - UD Maguire likes submissions, but Hathaway will probably just keep it standing. Hath either wins by TKO or UD. I picked UD simply because... well.... I dunno. (74%) Paul Sass vs (26%) Matt Wiman Wiman - UD I'm predicting a lot of UDs on this card because there are a lot of lower-weight fights. I know some people are big on Paul Sass, but Wiman doesn't get submitted, has more experience, and likes long fights. Trust me. Pickett will sub Yves in the 2nd. Not gonna waste anymore time talking about that fight. Hardy will UD Sadollah Struve will sub Miocic in the 2nd
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