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  1. Yeah, grease was why he got out of the armbar, not the fact that he dropped Belfort on his head twice.
  2. If the judge that gave tj grant all 3 rounds is the same judge that said Benavidez won that fight, he needs to be taken out behind the Air Canada building and put in the ground.
  3. I laugh every time the crowd boos the deaf guy
  4. The Hulk really isn't impressing me here.
  5. Think I'm gonna regret taking Hammill in this one. Also, why does Matt have walkout music and who chooses it?
  6. For real. That wasn't him getting knocked out. That was him just straight up quitting.
  7. That's the second KO tonight where the guy just walked around a bit before falling over.
  8. Man why couldn't vinny do that in the 1st? My Sherdog fantasy is taking a beating tonight.
  9. Who was the ****er that scored it 30-27? Hands down Dunham won the third. Like no question. I mean it changes nothing, but judges like that make me worry about the rest of the card.
  10. Great 1st round. Dunham probably stole it with that takedown.
  11. I don't think he was aware of how little time was left in the round.
  12. The guy is a ****ing punch line to me now. He's so fake and the UFC ran that interview to show what a "real" guy he is and I hope I'm not the only one that saw right through it.
  13. I'm ready to see Bisping strike with no power and dance around Stann for 15 minutes if that's what you meant
  14. Oh he's at the event? Makes sense then.
  15. How long until the crowd starts chanting "G-S-P"?
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