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  1. gonzaga by headkick beginning of the second
  2. i would not and cro cop is not gone from the ufc just think of the gonzaga fight
  3. are you serious he would not touch cro cop
  4. i think it might be a good fight but i need a second opinion. i htink cro cop would walk all over him waht do you htink let me know?
  5. maynard would blow him out of the waater water but i lov ethe other match ups
  6. chuck/tito are both gonna be good coaches but chuck is just gonna beat the crap outta him again.better coaching ideas would be shogun/machida vitor/a.silva forrest/tito mir/brock ____________________________________________ I agree this is going to be a blow out tito will have no chance at all
  7. i am going to say swick buy KO in the second for sure
  8. i compleely disagree i think chuck has the true heart of a fighter and that he deserves it so he can get back into the UFC him and tito will make a good show
  9. sweet drawing and i hope there is a fedor vs. lesner it would probably be a good fight. but we wont know till it happens. LETS JUST HOPE!
  10. from covert michigan it has a pop. of maybe 350 everyone knows everyone
  11. voted solar flare or palin getting office that would have sucked
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