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  1. http://mmajunkie.com/news/27013/munoz-out-at-ufc-on-fox-2-bisping-vs-sonnen-now-meet-for-shot-at-champ-silva.mma
  2. If the fight stays standing JDS will have the advantage and im sure Cain will try for the tdma. But JDS imo has the best tdd in the heavyweight division. Cains best scenario is if the fight goes deep into the late rounds. Should be one hell of a fight!!
  3. After the dismantling of Carwin at the hands of JDS, the heavyweight fight we all have been waiting for is now going to happen. So i ask you, who will be crowned champion when its all over??
  4. This is a fight I would love to see!! Speed advantage would go to Penn (only in round 1 and probably early round 2. Than Penn fades like usual). Strength goes to Diaz, Standing goes to Penn, but Diaz has a huge reach advantage. Overall skillset I would give to Penn as well. With all that being said however I think Diaz's reach advantage would be to much for Penn to overcome and would probably get picked apart standing. I am a big Penn fan saying this and this is just what I see happening. If it went to a grappling match, this would be fun to watch and I think Penn would have an advantage over the much bigger Diaz.
  5. B I G doesn't spell B A D. Size without skill is about as useless as a car without fuel.
  6. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS :cool:
  7. This would be an interesting matchup. Rothwell has the experience but Lesnar has the strength and wrestling advantage. I think it would be a good fight
  8. Not for nothing but I think Lesnar would take Schaub down with ease and g&p him into oblivion. Just my .02
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