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  1. LOL I was there for that riot. Ahh good times' date=' good times...... Canucks sure didn't do my blood pressure any favors over the last 4 games. I couldn't f'n believe it when Towes gets a shorty with 2mins left. God damn Canucks! Then I thought Sharp was going to win it on that back door play on the PP in OT. Whew is all I gotta say, oh and
  2. Sorry I only attend Irish Funerals, keep your crumpets I'll take a shot of Jameson's.
  3. Firth, I'm curious if you ever read or looked into The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sission.
  4. I'm don't fear death in regards to me dying and what is or isn't beyond. It's the great unknown we will all have to face at some point. I fear more for my family. My kids having to finish growing up with out me. The pain is over for you when you die, but it only just begins for your loved ones.
  5. Cola is honestly the devil when it comes to the obesity problem. Empty, sugary calories. While I somewhat agree with what I quoted, one thing to be aware of though in eating Mcd's or almost any fast food is the sodium levels of that food are off the charts. To much sodium can lead to high blood pressure, which from what I had read on the subject, is much more dangerous to heart health than cholestorol. For myself, I choose not to eat any fast or processed foods and stick to whole foods I cook myself. I went over 7 months without eating at Mcd's . I was on a long road trip just the other week and stopped and grabbed a burger. Lets just say after not eating it for so long, it did not sit well with my stomach. I was the perfect example of fat from sugar prior to getting my health in order. I did not eat a high fat diet and have never been a big eater come meal time. I was however eating sweets,ice cream (still my major weakness) drinking cola, eating chips etc. "Fat" didn't make me fat, sugar and empty calories did. I would regularly skip breaky and lunch, eat a normal dinner, then proceed to pig out on all the wrong things while watching TV at night. Combined with no exercise=fatty Mcfat. I could have given Big Country a run in the belly slapping contest. Also, while it's been a long time since I watched Super Size Me, if I remember correctly, the premise was not so much fast food but an over abundance of fast food. Agreeing to the "super size" meal every time it was offered. Which didn't mean a bigger burger, but a much larger portion size of what is really the problem, Fries and Cola.
  6. While a calorie is a calorie no matter the source, there is no question a calorie of protein or low glycemic complex carbs has more nutrition per calorie for your body than fat. There is also no question that on a gram by gram basis fat has more calories than proteins or good carbs. Congrats on the weight lost but there is more than 1 way to skin a cat Firth. While I am in no way a proponent of low calorie crash diets, the truth remains that a big player in the obesity problem in the western world is a result of ingesting to many calories, of all types. One of the major culprits of the last 10 or so years is the explosion of "low fat" foods. What many many people do not understand is low fat processed food usually equals highly processed carbs instead. They see low fat and think they can eat as much as they want. One simple example is the ever popular fat free yogurt. Ya the fat content is gone, but the carb and sugar content is probably worse for you than the normal yogurt was in the first place with a little fat. I embarked on my own battle of the bugle last July. I did a 12 week cycle which ended in late Oct. 4 months of maintenance then started another 12 week cutting cycle late in Feb. My diet (although I don't consider it s "diet" as the term is used) is 6 meals a day 300-350 cal per meal. break down of 55% protein 30% carbs and 15% healthy fats. For protein I stick to lean meats like chicken breast, salmon,tuna and maybe once a week have a lean cut of red meat. Carbs are low glycemic complex carbs. Oatmeal in the morning, maybe a whole wheat wrap or sweet potato at lunch, then no starchy carbs after lunch, just lots of veggies and a portion of fruit with each meal to provide my carbs. Work out 6 times a week 3 HIIT cardio, 3 weight training. While I won't go so far as to say I eat whatever I want, because at the end of the day, eating what I wanted is what made me a fat bastard in the first place. I certainly rarely feel hungry or have cravings. 50lbs of fat down, 10lbs of lean muscle gained. BF% of 34 down to 16% so far with ~12% as the goal for the end of this cycle. Oh and could you provide the link to the article on cholestorol from your original post.
  7. And thus the random goat thread is reborn. This one is working for a rear naked choke.
  8. LOL "Dana please for the love of god give me someone who won't exploit my incredible lack of take down defense."-Dan Hardy.
  9. Sorry Josh Barnett will forever hold the shortest UFC title reign.
  10. uaquin

    Hardy or Rumble??

    Tough fight to call. Stand up I think they compare well. Rumble is the bigger guy and has better wrestling,ground game but he is coming off a year injury layoff and rumor has it started camp at 230lbs. So that massive weight cut could affect him. Before I can call the fight need to see the weigh ins today to see if Rumble even makes weight and how he looks.
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