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  1. He's still awaiting trial. They can let him out, for all I care. He was just a weak, little punk that wanted to point guns at people and feel tough; he probably didn't even mean to shoot me. I don't even think about that **** anymore.
  2. I probably should. I just bought a really hot, new truck and I'd hate to wreck it.
  3. This might be the reason why I am finally succeeding. I only make this table. I'm no longer selling one piece at a time to individuals, but if I ever backslide, I appreciate the tips.
  4. I have lately underestimated myself. Ten years ago I divorced and it had a really profound affect on me; it nearly killed me. I think what I had before accomplished in my 20s was impressive enough, but my 30s were a completely different story, and it's all tied to losing everything; losing my identity. The last two years have been tumultuous, to say the absolute least. Looking at the way I've always conducted myself, I guess it was just more of the same. But there was something different. My grandfather died. There are many who would want to line up to take credit for what is happening: I got shot and turned my life around...I lost the love of my life and I gave my all to show her what I was really made of...my mother's husband deeply insulted me and it burned...my longtime on-again-off-again boss at a nightclub giving me late-night talks about bettering myself. The fact is, these were all obstacles; these things caused nothing more than physical debilitation, depression, unbridled anger and annoyance. They distracted me from my goals. I have been doing what I have been doing because I want to redeem myself in the eyes of a dead man who had inspired me as a child, the only positive influence I had growing up, the man who distanced himself from me as a teenager, the man who I couldn't face for the last 20 or so years because I did not become the man I was supposed to be. I am quietly on my way to achieving more than I had been estimating in this last decade. I've been working very hard, all day and all night working two jobs; whatever I could find during the day, and bartending at night. Then I stumbled upon something I can do very well, something that people want. I made this video not so long ago for my dad, I wanted him to see what I was up to. I just uploaded it to youtube so I could share it here. I am just now finishing my very last direct-to-consumer orders.
  5. I want to make peace with you guys. Especially Mozzez, and anyone else who I offend is such a way. Mozzez, I know you're better than me. It takes hard work and dedication and commitment to be like you, and it doesn't take any of that stuff to be like me. I envy you, but I can't be like you. I never had the toughness. I wish you didn't hate me for that. I really enjoyed posting here for nearly the last 11 years; getting to know you guys, watching some leave and seeing some others join. I'm sorry for the way I've conducted myself sometimes in the past. Sometimes I said things in anger, sometimes awful things, the sort of online internet rage we are all too familiar with; those things I never meant. I've never been all too happy and being here, safe from the perils of the outside world where I have always felt too ill-equipped to handle anything, I said things I didn't mean. Things I thought I could get away with. Over the years, I sometimes thought about the lives of the people who post here, how they are living and if they are happy. I always hoped for the best for them...the best for you. Every one of you. A lot of you really didn't like me, and I didn't know how to turn it around. I can't change the way my life went, and some things can't be unsaid, so everything connected to it goes on forever. I will leave you here, and I just hope that you don't go on hating me. But I can't really do anything about it anymore and I never tried anyway, so I guess I'll probably never know.
  6. Listen, this thread is supposed to be different, it always has been. It's for us posters to post about our current physical training, our progress and the direction we're looking to. Troll somewhere else. Unhealthy men trolling other men for working out is a really bad look.
  7. I'm down to 210, slightly under sometimes. I'm pretty lean now, and the muscles are back. I grew a beard (not related to fitness, but whatever.) Panties are dropping. Hot chicks, too. Hotter than what's her name. Younger, too. I'll stay single for a while, things are going really great. Fitness and training, my friends. Fitness and training. Get on it.
  8. Megasoup

    Suck it

    Alright, then I'm not going to do it at all, then.
  9. Megasoup

    Suck it

    This forum, with all of its goddamn rules, is horrible.
  10. Megasoup

    Suck it

    This picture really does have it all.
  11. Megasoup

    Suck it

    I make a daring prediction, it doesn't pan out, and so now I have to suck a dingaling? Well, this is just awful. I don't think I'm going to agree to play with you guys anymore. 😬 Had I been right about this, it really would have been amazing. Everyone would have changed their minds about me, I would have a bunch of friends on here, and I would be treated with respect. Yep, that would have happened. So this is tragic.
  12. If it's ever a shock to anyone on here that I'm wrong about something, just take a glance at who I am and the way I've conducted my entire life. That should be enough to straighten you out. That being said, I didn't think this fight would go the way it did.
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