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  1. He punched a DJ. Who wouldn't want to punch a DJ? There's no way any court on this planet would bother filing charges.
  2. Dancing with young women and drinking beer with old friends is gay?
  3. I tended bar at a Latin dance club off and on for over 9 years (which had a taco guy.). I dance Salsa most Sundays at a little place where my friends get together (a Mexican restaurant.) Most of my friends are Spanish speaking. I’m forever connected to people from every little corner of Latin America, most of which are Mexican. I eat more of that stuff than anything else, besides my breakfast. Chipotle and Qdoba are novelty choices for me. I like ‘em.
  4. There is nothing in science or medicine that will ever end this pandemic, because it’s not real. They’ve been moving the goalposts since March 2020. This is never going to end peacefully. If anyone cannot see it, it’s because they’re blind. If anyone does not admit it, it’s because they’re afraid of revealing their true feelings OR they are being willfully ignorant because of some foolish belief that there is something for them to gain out of all of this.
  5. No. He did not beat her enough for my liking. I have a standard, and he didn’t live up to it.
  6. She did not require medical attention, so I find it unlikely that the former 5-time defending UFC light-heavyweight champion "beat" her.
  7. Don't let the media distract you with their nonsense. This is the burning question on everyone's mind, and its something that actually matters. Which one is better?
  8. Dude, I don't like that chit. I don't like that chit at all.
  9. What the hell did I just watch? I just got back from something else, I am at the closing moments of the fifth round, I haven't fast-forwarded to the decision yet, but this ain't a fight. This is two signed athletes who are afraid of each other. They don't want to fight? They don't want to engage? They don't want to put the pedal to the metal and see who the better man is? Cut 'em both.
  10. Nah, you guys are mostly right. I don't really know a whole lot about MMA. These last 10 years I've mostly spent my Saturday nights tending bar somewhere, so I've barely watched any of the events live, and I often don't even bother to watch the highlights the next day. That fight you were referring to was 11 years ago! It was my last one, I haven't had an MMA match since. I wasn't even much of an MMA fighter, mostly an amateur boxer. I competed 6 more times in boxing as an amateur after that last cage fight, dropping 2 (which makes me a can.) I have had a career total of 26 amateur boxing matches, the record isn't important. Then I went a few years away from fighting altogether, except for drunkenness on the street. I started training again in jujitsu about four years ago, training in the gi for the first time. I picked up a couple belt promotions quickly enough, but it may be a long while before I get another; maybe forever. I don't train MMA there at all. There's plenty of guys at the gym training to compete in the cage, but I don't get involved in any of that. They're too young, too serious and probably too dangerous for me anymore. I have not sparred even a single round in over 6 years, and I may never again. If someone got the better of me, I would not take it well. I officially declare that I am not an expert. I don't even watch most of these fights, unless it's free on ESPN+ or the guys at the gym organize a night and I happen to not be working. Everyone here knows a lot more about MMA than I do.
  11. Wait...are you implying that the other posters on this forum are not heterosexual?
  12. This probably doesn’t translate well for most of us posters. For heterosexual men, vagina of the year means something completely different than what it means for you. We like vaginas a whole lot; probably wouldn’t award that title to any of the names you mentioned.
  13. 1. Volk 2. Jan 3. Moreno 4. Oliviera 5. Yan
  14. These gentlemen are completely unreliable.
  15. Lauren Murphy is no joke. She once crushed her husband's head with an ATM machine because he called her a skank.
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