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  1. I had a best friend. Hell, I've had a few who claimed the title for themselves without consulting me, and there have been those who became my "best friend" because other parties playfully bestowed such an honor because we might have been seen hanging out together in public a few times, a couple good-looking boxers or salsa dancers or whatever. I tried to live up to the title of best friend, but since it was a someone else's invention, it never held. Over the years, I've always had a nearly dismal, apathetic view of male friendships. Buddies at the gym, someone I'm friends with at work, a crowd I fell into; that's all it's been. It's not hard for me to find friends, and because of that, they've been disposable. I haven't been able to invent some reason to hang out with other men all the time or keep them as longtime companions, and I've envied those who have their lifelong friends. But I did have a real best friend once. I met him in the 6th grade. We were inseparable, we did everything together. I haven't heard from him in a long time. More than 20 years. The last time I saw him, I was humiliated by a mutual friend and I had to leave the house we were all gathered at. It's not an interesting story, but it happened. John and I didn't have a falling out, that day's humiliation was unrelated; it just happened to be the last time I saw him. What caused the two of us to drift away was distance, time and circumstances; those things created strangers out of the two young men who grew up together. He went his way and I went mine, because that's what men do. In this life of mine, I've had times where I was really feeling badly. I've had some low moments. Then there's been more those moments which grew into something much more than just an awful feeling, times where I measured the value of being here, and the calculation came to a very dark figure. So I cannot honestly say that if there ever was a time for my best to reappear, it would be now, because I've had worse times. Even this private, awful feeling which has cast its spell on me has slowly matured into something which can almost be described as innocuous (not really, not even close.). I'm getting better. It doesn't matter. My best friend reached out to me the night before last. Called me out of the blue. We spoke for almost 2 hours. Then he called me last night; we spoke for almost 4 hours. He's doing great! He's successful. He's married, been with the same girl for almost 20 years. He has a son. He has a home. He seems happy. I'm so glad things have worked out for him, because he really had it tough growing up. He's still my best friend. After all these years, we're both still best friends. I'm glad I'm alive. I have a best friend. His name is John, which is the very same name I gave to the figure who gets into so much trouble in the novel which grew to be much too large for me to ever finish. It was never a coincidence.
  2. Dude, I can't create a file large enough to fit those photos. Why did you send them to me, anyway? I'm not saying I'm not impressed, but neither of us swing that way, so it didn't really make sense. And...well Jesus Christ, you sent so many of them! I don't know what I'm supposed to do with that.
  3. You know, you're completely right on this one and to me it is perplexing as hell. I feel like I should have at least a tiny amount of insight when it comes to this sort of thing, but I have the worst predictions by a longshot. It's bullspit!
  4. I forgot where I commented this, why I commented it or exactly what I said, but I said a while back, after Khabib did something like turn down a fight or whatever, that his protected run is over. I don't remember what he did, but he upset Dana and I predicted this. I said his next fight will be against a D1 wrestler, which he will lose, and that his fight after that would also be against a D1 wrestler, which he will also lose. And look what we have here ladies and gentlemen. Two D1 wrestlers lined up to fight Khabib. If you haven't been following what I've been saying for several years now, the case I've been making is that the only reason he wins fights is because he has never faced a dominant wrestler, which has never before been seen by anyone who has more than a few fights in the organization, and absolutely no champion can say this. He will never string together two wins in a row for the rest of his career. This has been years in the making (it would be strange that anyone can compete in the UFC for several years and not face at least a couple people who wrestled at a Division 1 school, much less a champion) and now he's finally matched up with one. Depending on how all this actually shakes out, I'm either about to become a forum God (is that even a thing? Is that something I actually want to be?) or I'm about to get laughed at (no matter how close or controversial the fight may be.)
  5. In the series "Mad Men," there is an old secretary who has several appearances. The characters name is Ida Blankenship. But no one here could possibly have ever known is that the character Ida Blankenship was played by the same woman who took on the role of Daniel LaRusso's mom in the Karate Kid, and later filling the same role in the series Cobra Kai.
  6. I was being sarcastic, I was hoping that I was tilting my cards just enough, but I guess I didn't. I don't think it's gay at all. One of the reasons I'm going is because there are so many of what appear to be really nice women there, women who have the qualities I liked in my last girlfriend. Just one of the reasons; I really do want to benefit from whatever it is yoga has to offer. I've always wanted to try it.
  7. Dude, it was super-gay. The whole place was full of extremely hot, young women and they were mostly in their late-twenties; half of them were likely single. I will likely never do it again, except for maybe a couple times a week. Seriously though, I liked it. There was a lot of stretching going on, a lot of balance conditioning (I'm not sure what you'd call it) and a lot of movements I would never get around to doing on my own. The music was pretty good, and obviously all the hot chicks were also great. I was a welcome addition, which is excellent news. To close the class out, she had us lying on our backs with our eyes closed and was trying to relax us with some calming voodoo spells or something, but instead of being a skeptical coxsucker, I really took it in. It seemed to apply to me, too. I got something from it. I really got something from it. So after it was all over, I went up to thank the instructor who was on a faraway stage (I'm not saying where in case a certain someone is stalking.) I didn't see anyone else doing this, but women can be really vicious to each other, so whatever. Anyway, I couldn't really see the instructor through the class very well, and when I approached her I was surprised by how girlishly beautiful she was. She was perfect. We spoke a little. It was a moment of magic. I like it. I've always wanted to do it and now I have, and I like it.
  8. It's the name of a sleazy all-male ****o video featuring questionably legal young men. Apparently, it's a hot ticket around the forum.
  9. This surprises me. I could see Mozzezz walking into a men's bathroom, looking expressionless into another man's eyes and saying "the soundtrack to Young Guns 2 really elevated the movie," hoping that the other guy cracks the code. But you? I would have never guessed.
  10. I hope he didn't do that. I WOULD NOT recommend skipping the condom if you're going after a girl I ever banged regularly.
  11. Bro, Young Guns is not a "man" movie, it's a "man-on-man" movie. Even the name, for crying out loud... it just screams "ghey adult video" as though it was perched high atop a male singles condominium rooftop pool in the heart of San Francisco's tenderboy district. Young Guns!!! ❤️ You can go ahead and keep your personal videos and your personal choices to yourselves. I was just issuing some sort of public service to a handful of posters who might have seen this flick when they were a naive, little 12 year-old boy and remembered it as some badass movie. It's not. It's like a call-sign for these people. They see each other at public parks or in the train station, and they say stuff like "You ever seen that movie Young Guns? Which one did you like better, the first one or the second?" The follow-up question of which movie they "preferred" probably means something else, too. These guys are tricky. A few of them are right here on this forum.
  12. ^ Okay, I'll admit that I had this train of thought. Time gave me perspective, I quietly backed away from this years ago. I'm surprised with the unanimous consensus on this Sean O'Malley joker. I really dislike him and it was pretty great to see him take a loss, but I would have thought there would be some jock-riders on here. Apparently not. Every once in a while the planets align in such a way that even the forum can agree on something
  13. You had to go through this twice?! Jesus Christ. Listen, if I've ever said anything that offended you in the past, or if we've ever before had an uncomfortable exchange, I apologize. From the bottom of my heart, I swear. I wasn't aware of what you've been through.
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