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  1. The news of his father's alleged "coma" comes right on the heels of Justin Gaethje's victory. I said previously that Justin would win and that somehow Khabib would find an excuse to never compete again. Here it is.
  2. Megasoup

    Jones vs Ngannou

    Jones would run right through this Niganou. He would be landing shots clean and often, second round knockout. It would be the most lopsided contest Jones has been fought in years. This Niganou has no wrestling and is just a little too slow.
  3. I agree with these short assessments. One thing worth pointing out, though: 1984 is not an American classic. George Orwell was English. Here's my contribution to this thread: there is a series of books written by Upton Sinclair which is informally referred to by the 10 or 11 people who have read it as the "Lanny Budd series." I think there's like 10 books. Best thing I've ever read. I was a busy man, married and working about 60 hours a week, but in my spare time I was on a wild ride for nearly a year. It's been a long time since I read them.
  4. They cleared the division of wrestlers around the time Khabib joined the promotion so that the UFC could have a Muslim champion. Do you even watch this chit?
  5. Justin Gaethje will beat Khabib. He is the first legitimate wrestler Khabib has ever faced in his entire MMA career. Khabib has only accepted matchups with carefully selected opponents and there is a reason for it. He will lose to anyone with a legitimate wrestling pedigree. This has been my prediction for years now. I stand by it. We're about to finally see it. *If Khabib "retires" or doesn't accept the matchup for WHATEVER REASON, then I have been proven right by default.
  6. I"m coming back, and I'll be as good as I ever was. In some ways maybe not as good (maybe,) but in other ways I'll be better than ever.
  7. A snowperson doesn't have to have snowballs to be considered a snowperson, you patriarchal son of a boetcsh.
  8. Your assertions are mathematically impossible. Donald Trump was elected with around 50% of the vote, practically no support from the black, Hispanic or Muslim community. The outliers, those in these demographics who voted for Trump is probably around 1%. 61% of America is non-Hispanic white. Considering the figures I mentioned before, I would propose that 80% of non-Hispanic whites who voted cast their ballot for Trump.
  9. None of them are for illegal immigration? I find it hard to believe this because such a large percentage of them are illegal immigrants themselves. At Viva, nearly every one of them came here illegally. In fact, there are more than 11 million illegal Hispanic immigrants in this country. That makes up about 25% of Hispanics. Of the 75% left, the majority of them are the children of illegal immigrants, that's just a statistical reality. That does not leave very many left who even could be against illegal immigration. Cashflow, you're wrong.
  10. I didn't know that youtube was a part of google. Without the aid of a search engine, there's no way I could have uncovered that fact.
  11. The video I presented was at a university. Also, this thread is about a hoax that a different university. In both cases, the "offended victims" were minorities. Just as white people aren't cause of any the problems in these communities, we are also not the cause for their griping and whining.
  12. This isn't true, not even remotely so. Black Lives Matter might be the largest single movement I've ever seen in my lifetime that cries victimhood. The percentage of blacks who support it is nearly 99%. The same thing goes for Latinos anything remotely related to illegal immigration, though not quite as high a rate of support from within. Let's not forget any Muslim cause, which always has 100% support from all of them. There's this famous video. We've all seen it, among many others. It's just such an erroneous statement you made, I don't think you believe it yourself. It was probably just a throwaway comment, but let's all be better than resorting to throwaway comments. Let's make this forum great again.
  13. The reason the entire world has shut down is because everyone is anxiously awaiting my recovery. Club Viva shut down for me because without my being there, it just wasn't as cool. My gym shut down for me because everyone likes me a lot. Also, everyone is trying to figure out a way to keep me from passing their guard, so they're at home quietly watching youtube videos. The US government is giving everyone who files for unemployment an additional 600 dollars a week because at 41 years of age, this is the very first time I have ever filed (I just filed a couple weeks ago, I couldn't hold out any longer) and they figured that what they were going to pay me wasn't enough because I'm one hell of a guy. I'm not going to lie, the social distancing and the 6 feet of space in between customers at the grocery stores is because everyone is afraid I might give them herpes, and that's embarrassing and it makes me really uncomfortable, but that's just the way it goes. But I still have faith in Dana putting shows on Epstein's Island. Bill Clinton's wife lost the last election and she isn't running this year, so he's going to have a hard time sneaking out of the house to go there anymore, so now it's just sitting there in the middle of the Caribbean going to waste. Those gals are all out of work, and by now a lot of them are old enough to legally serve alcoholic beverages, so they can work in concessions. I can't imagine they were happy in their previous occupation and that profession usually comes with a sad ending, so they really should switch careers anyway. This is a good opportunity for them.
  14. Here's how I interpret the main event: Dana is fed up. He says "Alright Khabib, you're going to pull out of yet another fight? Okay, we're going to put a D1 wrestler in a title fight." There has not been a D1 level wrestler in a lightweight title fight since 2012 (Frankie Edgar.) Khabib Nurmagomedov made his UFC debut in 2012, shortly after Flash entertainment (an Abu Dhabi-owned corporation) became a 10% stakeholder in the UFC. Flash Media sold their ownership share of the UFC about one year ago, but built an arena specifically for UFC events, keeping the UFC financially interested in maintaining a business relationship. Now they're not holding events indefinitely (due to the coronavirus,) so the UFC is naturally not as interested in appealing to them. Khabib Nurmagomedov is refusing to fight, whether it is because he is concerned for the virus or the loss of his title, I don't know. This causes tjhe UFC brass to be further disillusioned from continuing to entertain the proposition of propping up a fake Champion for the interest of apeasing the Muslim audience; without a champion, they won't have that audience anyway. Justin Gaethje fights for this title. Khabib retires undefeated, rather than face a real challenger. Mark. My. Words.
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