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  1. Maybe there's a few things you might not have quite right here, but there's so much accuracy in this post that it's nearly impossible to debate you. I'm not even going to try, I just came home from a Salsa club and I'm freaking wasted (I ****e you not, I'm not trying to maintain a forum gimmick, I danced all night and for me it was the best night of 2020.)
  2. A lot of you guys here on this forum are unaffected; or even worse, you are the beneficiaries of this latest ruse. You're hiding your ugliness. But I'm telling you what, it doesn't work. When you eventually have to take that mask off, it'll be very much like the first time (which is often the last time for a lot of you fellas) you remove your trousers and reveal one of your greatest misfortunes. Listen, you can run from the truth, but it's always just a few steps behind.
  3. Minoxidil. I've been thinning, and I really don't like it. So I got some Minoxidil about a week ago. We'll see how it goes.
  4. Leon who? Seriously, I tried to find out who this guy was on youtube, I entered "Leon Edwards highlight reel" and there was a popup saying "video not available." I looked for him on wikipedia, but he doesn't have a page. I wanted to take a look at his pro record on Sherdog, but it listed him as an amateur. I even googled his name, which I never thought I'd stoop to such a level, but all that came back were pictures of random black guys that share the same name, and one obituary of a man who recently passed away in a nursing home; he had terminal cancer, but the cause of death was listed as Covid-19.
  5. I have come a long way in healing. I can't believe it. I was given a lot of hope in the Emergency Room, and I believed it. But in the days which followed, I started to realize just how bad things were. I wondered to myself if the doctor who patched me up just didn't have the nerve to tell me truth, or maybe he thought that the truth was too much for me; like I wasn't ready for it. I had my first appointment after 10 days I think. Everything was just awful leading up to that. I couldn't move without pain, awful pain. Being motionless was barely better. Sleeping was very hard. I saw the x-rays and it gave me a glimmer of hope. The hole appeared to have completely filled up with fluid, which was becoming cartilage, which would become bone. Something happened a few days later. Chloe hurt me. She was going through my phone, and saw that I had texted a girl...a year before. I'm old(ish,) I don't erase squat. And honestly, it wasn't anything I thought I needed to erase. It was the girl who used to live upstairs. She used to get weed for me, do me little favors. If I left my clothes in the dryer for a moment too long (I set a timer on my phone, but I've made mistakes) she would fold my clothes. The problem was that she was really hot..really hot. She was also a couple years younger than Chloe. I always thought of her as a cute, little kid. It was innocent. Chloe has always been a hitter. Things got really bad in the end. She beat the hell out of me the day after Valentines Day. It really phukked my wrist up, and the nerves and the fingers. I felt like I had come along, but after she hurt me, I was in worse pain than ever. My injury was worse after then than the night I was shot. And then I was all alone. I had to do everything for myself. I would wash dishes with one hand (you should try that some time. It's hopeless, it takes forever and the dishes never really get clean,) my bad hand hanging down by my side, every second hurt. Bathing was so hard to do. Everything was so hard. Everything hurt. I thought I would never get better. The follow-up visit showed an x-ray which shocked my physician. I didn't tell him what happened. He thought I wasn't taking care of myself, it almost seemed like he was mad at me. It also seemed like I was a lot cause to him. He sees lost causes every day. I was shot in January, and I couldn't do a goddamn thing in March. I wasn't any better in April. I thought about killing myself. Seriously. I was middle-aged, uneducated, no one wanted me, I couldn't tend bar or really do anything that would require the use of both hands. I still had all the other problems in my life which have always haunted me. I couldn't even use fingernail clippers with my left hand to trim my nails on my right hand. I couldn't even walk, because any movement hurt me, and I was worried that even the slightest shift would restart the clock on my healing. I thought about suicide; I weighed the pros and cons, and it didn't look good. I put it off because I knew that it was a bad idea; that things could turn around. Somewhere in there, Chloe came back in my life, but it wasn't for the better. I won't speak her name again. She's gone now. *** Then things changed. I got a little feeling back in my fingers. I started to be able to move them. I could almost make a fist, depending on the time of day. I was able to bend my wrist a tiny, tiny bit. It hurt, but I could do it. I could pronate it a little, too. That REALLY hurt, so I mostly avoided it. This was the opening of May. Every day got a little better. I even dared to exercise a little. I began doing barbell squats. I moved much since January. I got a 3 pound weight and started to do things with my left hand. It hurt, but what I pulled up from the internet gave me some promise. I got noticeably better every, single day. I went to what became my final visit to the Orthopedic Surgeon in the second week of May, just around the time I started seeing some promise. The x-rays looked good. Really good. Not perfect, but good. Now, I'm stronger every workout. I'm lifting more with my left than nearly every man could. I'm squeezing a respectable sized Captains of Crush, not quite what I'm doing with my right hand, but it's a grip that is stronger than the average man. I know because I've tested the general population at bars I've worked at the least 3 years with my grippers. I've already been to the gym a couple times, and I will wreck white belts of any size or race (I don't actually know that, because of the Covid precautions, we aren't allowed to switch partners, but the couple partners I had were huge guys , larger than me, and they likely use the word "finna" from time to time, if you know what I mean.). Truthfully, aside from the actual bone itself which might take another year to completely harden, my left is nearly as strong as it has ever been. If I was to take a full accounting of my all-around fitness, I'm in nearly as good shape as I have ever been. Ever. I haven't been running. I tried that a few times earlier on and the vibration cause my hand to go numb until the next day. I'm sure I'm okay, but I just haven't gotten myself in the habit, yet. Oddly, I ride my bicycle a lot, which requires me to grip onto the handle bars, which is likely more stress on my wrist, but it hasn't bothered me. I ride about 15 miles a night. And I've been studying Web Design. I'm finishing up an online bootcamp right now. I'm still not a computer guy, but I know what I know. I can do what I've learned, not much else. I feel only confidence about my future. I haven't applied anywhere yet, I want to finish this bootcamp and I'm not 100% confident in my abilities, but I have taken a few a few solo projects, but some websites which look terrific. I've made some money. This is real. I thought it was all over for me. My ability to move around and do things, my ability to defend myself...these things are very, very important to me. Those qualities are the backbone of who I am, those are the only things I could honestly say that I do well. I thought I lost it forever. I don't think there's anyone here on this forum who could kick my **** today, and I am talking about the big guys. Believe that. That sort of thing used to mean more to me than anything else in the world. It still means a lot to me. A lot. But for the first time in a long time, I have other things going on for me. I haven't been active a lot lately, and I always get my names sorted...but I feel I'm becoming my own version of that badazz motherfeckin' P.A.; not just a killer, but someone who makes money. I've never made money. ****** There is a sadness which comes with the absence of someone who has been by my side for the last 5 years. That is a feeling that is killing me, but it is also a feeling that I know will eventually go away. Everything else is looking up. I'm going to have more than I have ever dreamed. My life is going to be better than I ever before pictured. Fitness and Training Goals of 2020? Yeah, I'm hitting them. *Side note. Screw these limp-****ed motherfeckers who troll, I don't care about them. I think a fight between the P.A. and me would be the best thing that ever happened to this forum. You're crazy if you don't agree with that. I don't have an issue with that guy, this is respect. We should set that up. I bet we could make money, but I have no problem doing it for free. He's a monster, he says he used to wrestle, and after what I've been through this year, to compete with that guy would be something I would really like to do.
  6. You could very well be the only person on the planet who would look at Alexander Volkanovski and conclude they're from Fiji. You're one of a kind, which is pretty remarkable. Never stop posting.
  7. I was rooting for the Australian, but I thought Max edged him out...taking into account the point scoring system. It was close, so I'm not going to call it a robbery. I will say this, and this is worth noting, those last two rounds were all Volkanovski. He was dominant. Realistically, it's hard to say you won a fight if you're on the wrong end of a one-sided beating in the final 10 minutes. The right guy won.
  8. Could you just imagine if Masvidal had just 1 more week to dial in his timing, work on his cardio? 2 more weeks? He would have won, I have no doubt in my mind. I wasn't a Masvidal fan before, but leading up to this fight he grew on me a little. He proved to me to be a better fighter than Usman. The next title defense should be a rematch.
  9. Why do you consider it a positive trait to pizz everybody off? I mean...that's what ****s do. ****s aren't good. It's not good to be an ****. No one likes them. I wouldn't want to hang around an **** or work for an **** or do business with an ****. I wouldn't like it if I had a bartender working for me who pizzed everybody off. I would try to distance myself from a family member if he went out of his way to pizz people off every time there was a family outing. If your daughter grew up and her boyfriend pizzed you off, would that be good? What if a female in your family, someone you loved and were close to...what if she had a boyfriend and he got his jollies by pizzing her off, fecking with her mind or being inconsiderate or hurtful or whatever...did it because he liked it...how would you feel about that? It's just that I hear that a lot "I like pizzing people off." If someone tried to amuse themselves by pizzing me off, I wouldn't have anything to do with them. If they were successful at pizzing me off, if I saw that they were doing it for fun...there's no telling what I'd do.
  10. For years I've been saying that Khabib will retire without ever having faced anyone with a legitimate wrestling pedigree. Here it is.
  11. I don't think there's anyone in America who would make the argument that any part of San Francisco is even within striking distance of St. Louis or Chicago, in terms of danger and crime.
  12. Dude, I don't get high on fentanyl and methamphetamine and try pass off counterfeit bills. I don't break into houses and poke pregnant women in the stomach with a gun. Don't be obtuse. You think I compare to this guy because I tend bar? How is that similar? You're a freaking idiot.
  13. Mozzez: I make 180,000 dollars a year, but I spend all my free time trolling this forum waiting for those rare instances where a luckless, middle-aged bartender from another country posts so I can engage with him and beat off! Dude, for real....if you actually have your life that well put together, you're married and you have your own business and are in that higher income bracket...you should keep it to yourself. Seriously, and here's why. Let's say you're Stomp, you're middle-aged, never been married and you know you're going to die alone and life is just awful. You surround yourself with voodoo-chakra-Buddhist-incense spells and stuff, and you try to tell yourself that you're happy, but there's no earthly way that's possible. He's like a different version of me. He's like the Anti-Megasoup from a different dimension. There's probably a few of us on here like that. For Stomp and I to engage and maybe even to hate eachother (which is totally brand new,) is completely normal. In fact, we should both be given some kind of award for making it this long without quietly overdosing on some sort of sleep medication. But when you engage with me, especially in such heated, off-topic directions, it can only mean one thing. You're homosexual. Everything in your life is going the way that it should, the way it was planned. You're a goddamn Canadian success story, yet you're trolling these forums at all hours of the day or night to fight with some man who should have never posted a picture of himself on this forum! You're frustrated. You see me as a tasty morse and you're just so concerned for me! You just want to hop in your truck and drive 20 hours nonstop to St. Louis so you can straighten me out! ...and rough me up a little... ...and put me in my place... ...and tell me how you really feel about me... ...and look me right in the eyes and... ...back me up until I have nowhere to go and... ...get right in my face, nose to nose and... We all see it, Mozzez, so get your homoerotic man-on-man bear interests out of my comments! Freakin' cold weather LGBT bear culture Saskatchewan! You guys need to get malls or something.
  14. These partial truth to what you say about me. Half-truths. Not even half-truths, really. I Which probably means that the things you say about yourself are also half-truths. Or maybe even "less than." Also, I pay child support. What are you talking about? Where do you get that? And I always keep a job, usually two of them. I don't necessarily the same one for years on end, but I always work and I always put in at least 40 hours a week (before getting shot that is.) Anyway, this is the "politics thread," not the "Mozzez is obsessed with Megasoup thread."
  15. No, genius. I didn't need for you to prove that you're an electrician. I admire that you are a tradesman. I admire your stability. I envy these traits in you. I envy your life. I think you're an ****, though. I don't know what your issue is with me. Something else, though: being an electrician is a much easier job, people would usually rather be an electrician than a carpenter. There is also less demand. It takes hours of several carpenters to build a house; framing, drywall, finish, siding, etc. It takes one electrician to wire a house and it doesn't take long. It's an easy job. So they put a few barriers in there so the trade isn't flooded. It doesn't take a genius to be an electrician. Electricians aren't "smarter" than carpenters, but they do have a barrier that keeps the dumbest ones out. I'll admit that. But... ...I know you're trying to imply that you're smarter than me. You're not. No one thinks that. Also this; you shouldn't be slamming other trades. It's not just the brotherhood of Carpenters and Jointers or the brotherhood of Ironworkers or the brotherhood of Electricians, it's the brotherhood of tradesmen that matter. One more thing, if we're comparing penises: the carpenter is the most important trade. We're the ones that build. Without the building, there's nothing to electrify. What, are you just going to splice wires together in the middle of a forest? Without the carpenters, there's no building to run plumbing through. There would be no building to put shingles on. No homes to live in, no buildings to do business out of. There would be no shelter from the storm. Carpenters build.
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