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  1. Why do you consider it a positive trait to pizz everybody off? I mean...that's what ****s do. ****s aren't good. It's not good to be an ****. No one likes them. I wouldn't want to hang around an **** or work for an **** or do business with an ****. I wouldn't like it if I had a bartender working for me who pizzed everybody off. I would try to distance myself from a family member if he went out of his way to pizz people off every time there was a family outing. If your daughter grew up and her boyfriend pizzed you off, would that be good? What if a female in your family, someone you loved and were close to...what if she had a boyfriend and he got his jollies by pizzing her off, fecking with her mind or being inconsiderate or hurtful or whatever...did it because he liked it...how would you feel about that? It's just that I hear that a lot "I like pizzing people off." If someone tried to amuse themselves by pizzing me off, I wouldn't have anything to do with them. If they were successful at pizzing me off, if I saw that they were doing it for fun...there's no telling what I'd do.
  2. For years I've been saying that Khabib will retire without ever having faced anyone with a legitimate wrestling pedigree. Here it is.
  3. I don't think there's anyone in America who would make the argument that any part of San Francisco is even within striking distance of St. Louis or Chicago, in terms of danger and crime.
  4. Dude, I don't get high on fentanyl and methamphetamine and try pass off counterfeit bills. I don't break into houses and poke pregnant women in the stomach with a gun. Don't be obtuse. You think I compare to this guy because I tend bar? How is that similar? You're a freaking idiot.
  5. Mozzez: I make 180,000 dollars a year, but I spend all my free time trolling this forum waiting for those rare instances where a luckless, middle-aged bartender from another country posts so I can engage with him and beat off! Dude, for real....if you actually have your life that well put together, you're married and you have your own business and are in that higher income bracket...you should keep it to yourself. Seriously, and here's why. Let's say you're Stomp, you're middle-aged, never been married and you know you're going to die alone and life is just awful. You surround yourself with voodoo-chakra-Buddhist-incense spells and stuff, and you try to tell yourself that you're happy, but there's no earthly way that's possible. He's like a different version of me. He's like the Anti-Megasoup from a different dimension. There's probably a few of us on here like that. For Stomp and I to engage and maybe even to hate eachother (which is totally brand new,) is completely normal. In fact, we should both be given some kind of award for making it this long without quietly overdosing on some sort of sleep medication. But when you engage with me, especially in such heated, off-topic directions, it can only mean one thing. You're homosexual. Everything in your life is going the way that it should, the way it was planned. You're a goddamn Canadian success story, yet you're trolling these forums at all hours of the day or night to fight with some man who should have never posted a picture of himself on this forum! You're frustrated. You see me as a tasty morse and you're just so concerned for me! You just want to hop in your truck and drive 20 hours nonstop to St. Louis so you can straighten me out! ...and rough me up a little... ...and put me in my place... ...and tell me how you really feel about me... ...and look me right in the eyes and... ...back me up until I have nowhere to go and... ...get right in my face, nose to nose and... We all see it, Mozzez, so get your homoerotic man-on-man bear interests out of my comments! Freakin' cold weather LGBT bear culture Saskatchewan! You guys need to get malls or something.
  6. These partial truth to what you say about me. Half-truths. Not even half-truths, really. I Which probably means that the things you say about yourself are also half-truths. Or maybe even "less than." Also, I pay child support. What are you talking about? Where do you get that? And I always keep a job, usually two of them. I don't necessarily the same one for years on end, but I always work and I always put in at least 40 hours a week (before getting shot that is.) Anyway, this is the "politics thread," not the "Mozzez is obsessed with Megasoup thread."
  7. No, genius. I didn't need for you to prove that you're an electrician. I admire that you are a tradesman. I admire your stability. I envy these traits in you. I envy your life. I think you're an ****, though. I don't know what your issue is with me. Something else, though: being an electrician is a much easier job, people would usually rather be an electrician than a carpenter. There is also less demand. It takes hours of several carpenters to build a house; framing, drywall, finish, siding, etc. It takes one electrician to wire a house and it doesn't take long. It's an easy job. So they put a few barriers in there so the trade isn't flooded. It doesn't take a genius to be an electrician. Electricians aren't "smarter" than carpenters, but they do have a barrier that keeps the dumbest ones out. I'll admit that. But... ...I know you're trying to imply that you're smarter than me. You're not. No one thinks that. Also this; you shouldn't be slamming other trades. It's not just the brotherhood of Carpenters and Jointers or the brotherhood of Ironworkers or the brotherhood of Electricians, it's the brotherhood of tradesmen that matter. One more thing, if we're comparing penises: the carpenter is the most important trade. We're the ones that build. Without the building, there's nothing to electrify. What, are you just going to splice wires together in the middle of a forest? Without the carpenters, there's no building to run plumbing through. There would be no building to put shingles on. No homes to live in, no buildings to do business out of. There would be no shelter from the storm. Carpenters build.
  8. The only "crime" I've ever committed was whooping a man's **** when they tried to start trouble with me. That should not be a crime, that should be a moral obligation.
  9. I don't know what you're talking about. I have a deep admiration for people of color.
  10. Here's what I want to know from those of you on the left. George Floyd was a career criminal, did 5 years from an armed robbery/burglary/invasion where he personally roughed up a pregnant white woman, poking her in the stomach with his gun. After his release from prison, he spent doing almost nothing. One day, his 46 year-old, unemployed **** was high on fentanyl and tried passing off a counterfeit bill. He also had methamphetamine in his system. If you are 46 years old unemployed, criminal drug addict and you are high on fentanyl in public and you try to screw someone over with counterfeit money, there is no place for you in this world. Why do you care that he died? **** Ahmaud Arbery; career criminal was breaking into houses and looking for some stuff to steal at a construction site, possibly only "casing" it at this point (there's very expensive tools left behind, not to mention materials which could be loaded into a truck later at night. Video footage, multiple eyewitness; indisputable. A couple real Americans are tired of being victims of crime in their own neighborhood decide to make a stand. They spot the guy, along with the rest of the neighborhood, and they decide to pursue him and hold him for police. Ahmaud, instead of trying to evade, decides he's going to play Billy-badass and tried to disarm one of them, and he gets shot. No good criminal gets shot. Why do you care? *Important statistic: The likelihood that a citizen or a police officer will be killed with their own weapon after it is taken from him is over 90%. I can't find the statistic right now, but you can look for it. Here's what's important. While Floyd surely deserved to die, I can agree that the use of force was excessive and that we can't sustain a society where police get the green light to treat citizens this way. I've had a few run-ins with cops, a lot of them are ****suckers. But...these cops were arrested. Those American Patriots down in Florida were arrested (I don't agree with that arrest at all.) So...if those on the left see the deaths of these African American criminals as an injustice...and those who killed them have been arrested and have been charged for murder...why the outrage? Specifically, why the protest? The system worked as you wanted it to. I mean, aren't you supposed to stop protesting when you get what you want?
  11. What? Damn near every claim I've ever made has been backed up with video footage, pictures, and news articles. Hell, I even uploaded a paycheck stub from a job I had in Santa Monica (showing I was making over 1300 dollars a week, though over 500 in taxes. That's California for you.) There is no poster on here that is anywhere near as vetted as me. Dude, when have you ever proved a single claim you make? As far as we know, you're not even an electrician.
  12. Yes, black gun ownership is something I support.
  13. The clip most people saw was scenes from Tommy Wiseau's "The Room," a notoriously bad movie which was the subject of "The Disaster Artist," starring Jame's DeFranco. What is currently in the OP is a completely different film.
  14. I'm assuming Cashflow was the only one who saw it. Did you watch the entire thing?
  15. This was an astonishingly rapid comeback, and it was impressive.
  16. The news of his father's alleged "coma" comes right on the heels of Justin Gaethje's victory. I said previously that Justin would win and that somehow Khabib would find an excuse to never compete again. Here it is.
  17. Megasoup

    Jones vs Ngannou

    Jones would run right through Niganou. He would be landing shots clean and often, second round knockout. It would be the most lopsided contest Jones has been fought in years. Niganou has no wrestling and is just a little too slow.
  18. I agree with these short assessments. One thing worth pointing out, though: 1984 is not an American classic. George Orwell was English. Here's my contribution to this thread: there is a series of books written by Upton Sinclair which is informally referred to by the 10 or 11 people who have read it as the "Lanny Budd series." I think there's like 10 books. Best thing I've ever read. I was a busy man, married and working about 60 hours a week, but in my spare time I was on a wild ride for nearly a year. It's been a long time since I read them.
  19. They cleared the division of wrestlers around the time Khabib joined the promotion so that the UFC could have a Muslim champion. Do you even watch this chit?
  20. Justin Gaethje will beat Khabib. He is the first legitimate wrestler Khabib has ever faced in his entire MMA career. Khabib has only accepted matchups with carefully selected opponents and there is a reason for it. He will lose to anyone with a legitimate wrestling pedigree. This has been my prediction for years now. I stand by it. We're about to finally see it. *If Khabib "retires" or doesn't accept the matchup for WHATEVER REASON, then I have been proven right by default.
  21. I"m coming back, and I'll be as good as I ever was. In some ways maybe not as good (maybe,) but in other ways I'll be better than ever.
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