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  1. Lol CroCrop won't win! Mir will outstrike him.
  2. This Now I might not be the worst of the best but you gotta respect my honesty so let me break your heart but I dont think theres anybody as bomb as me so you can take this chance and everybodys gonna be wonderin how you feel you might say this is Ludacris but Taio Cruz tell her how you feel. Now listen to me baby Before I love and leave ya They call me heart breaker I don't wanna deceive ya If you fall for me I'm not easy to please Imma tear you apart Told you from the start, Baby from the start. I'm only gonna break break ya break break ya heart. (x4) Woah Woah Theres no point tryin to hide it No point trying to evade it I know I gotta problem By doin misbehaving If you fall for me I'm not easy to please
  3. You'd be suprised what I'd do for $100,000 .
  4. MoneyShot7

    Is this true?

    I don't see George beating either BJ or Kenny but I think some how they are going to get George into a title fight so the UFC will explode in Australia.
  5. Good post, lol what was up with Ben Rothwell beating up some obese kid.
  6. MoneyShot7

    Sig Bets

    My picks UFN: Nate Marquardt Charles Oliveira Jim Miller Ross Pearson UFC 119 Frank Mir Ant?nio Rog?rio Nogueira Matt Serra Sean Sherk Jeremy Stephens Matt Mitrione 500+ posts thanks.
  7. Oh awesome Kimbo is like one of the greatest ever fighters!!
  8. Guillard is a total dooshbag I really hope he get KO's.
  9. I didn't read any of that but yes Bisping will geat Akiyama.
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