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  1. "I have to explain this alot but..... Nate Marquardt has finished every fight he's won int he past 3 years. GSP is exciting to me. Rashad Evans has had two boring decisions in a row, I'll give you that. Shane Carwin has finished every fight he's won. Carlos Condit has finished his last two fights. Diego Sanchez tries to finish his fights. At least he makes it exciting. Jon Jones has finished his last four fights. Donald Cerrone always tries to finish and puts on great fights. Kyle Noke just finished a fight today. Joe Stevenson finished his last win. Guillard is usually always exciting; the exception his last fight, of course. Kenny Florian has only had one decision win in the UFC. All the rest have been finished. Sexy always goes for the finish and swings for the fences. Schaub has knocked out everyone he has beat, except for Gonzaga, who he almost did. Greg Jackson isn't a point fighting camp. " GSP trains out of the Tristar gym, he only has Greg Jackson design his gameplans and corner him. Rashad Evans now (and has done for 2 years) trains out of the Grudge training centre under Trevor Wittman. Shane Carwin trains at Grudge under Trevor Whitman. Kenny Florian has no affiliation with Greg Jackson whatsoever. He trains at his own gym (Florian martial arts) and the Tristar gym. Not once has he trained under Greg Jackson. Schaub trains at Grudge under Trevor Whitman. Nate Marquardt trains at Grudge under Trevor Whitman.
  2. This is a really tough fight, I like both guys alot, and both are definitely top 8 UFC Middleweights IMO. Having said that, now that Akiyama is training with Greg Jackson at his camp in Alberquerque I think he will come in with a flawless gameplan and much improved cardio due to the altitude as well as being a much sharpened fighter under Greg Jacksons and Mike Winkeljohns training and probably end up submitting or KO'ing Bisping. Mike is a very talented fighter with fantastic footwork head movement and all around striking, with very solid wrestling and Jiu jitsu with nasty ground and pound, but I just don't think he has enough power in his punches to take out Akiyama, his only chance of a win is by keeping the fight on the feet and using his IMO superior striking whilst avoiding Akiyamas power to get the victory. Akiyama will take this one but Mike is still a top 10 fighter, and BETTER than Chris Leben which was proven when he picked him apart for an easy decision(For the noob with a Leben photo who's dissing Bisping)
  3. Aaron91

    Nate Quarry speech

    Just watched this, it's actually a really good inspirational speach from Nate, definitely worth a viewing.
  4. All this hate for the Wolfslair... So how exactly do you know it is such a terrible camp? Because a world class fighter like Rampage Jackson travels across the atlantic leaving his children behind for 8 weeks before a fight to train there? Because Cheik Kongo instead of going to the US to train, decided to join the Wolfslair instead? Because the UFC just signed 3 new fighters, all of whom are member of the Wolfslair? Or is it because Michael Bisping trains there and you all hate him so much (for unknown reasons) causing your opinion on the camp he trains at to be negative? The Wolfslair has an 84% win rate and is a world class training camp, end of.
  5. How has Dan Hardy not been mentioned yet?
  6. For what it's worth. Fitch out-striked Alves everytime that they were standing, and Alves is supposed to have the best Stand up @ 170. Fitch has very under-rated stand up, just because he doesn't use it alot, doesn't mean it's not good.
  7. I have Diego taking this one. I agree Diego is over-rated, but so is Paulo Thiago. If anybody thinks his win against Koscheck was a good is delusional, he was getting beaten so bad by Koscheck in that fight to the point where Joe Rogan was commenting on how bad he looked, he landed a lucky shot, but got very outclassed. In his next fight he got easily dominated on the ground, where he is supposed to be strongest by Jon Fitch. Then beats Jacob Volkman, big whoop, beats a very very ill Mike Swick, once again, big whoop. And now in his latest fight got completely outclassed in every department by Martin Kampmann, even at his own game, grappling.
  8. Most retarded thread ever? Firstl Bisping is 9-3 in the UFC, with his 3 losses coming to Rashad Evans in a fight most people thought he won, losing to Hendo fair and square, and an incredibly close decision to Wanderlai Silva. Secondly, he is coming off a good win to a very tough opponent in Dan Miller, for some reason all Bispings opponents are supposed to beat him, yet when he beats them (Leben,Kang,Miller etc) it isn't because Bisping actually did well, it's because they are suddenly overated, right haters? Thirdly, for a fighter to be cut, he should lose 3 fights in a row, Bisping aswell as having a great record, as well as never having lost two fights in a row, is coming off a win. So your logic is to cut him because you dislike him, even though since the Hendo loss he has been extremely humble and respectful to his opponents, always puts on exciting fights, and is one of the top 10 UFC middleweight fighters easily (Somebody pick 10 fighters in the UFC middleweight division that are realistically better than Bisping?, he may even be top 6) Completely retarded thread.
  9. You do realise Bisping didn't say any of this, just another Bisping hater tryna get people to hate him, as he's actually getting the majority of US fans on his side now.
  10. Yeah they fought,and Bisping got screwed over quite honestly,he quite easily controlled the stand up,only got taken down a couple of times,and got back to his feet really quickly.Rashad did no damage. Bisping haters always go on about how Hamill got screwed in his fight before this,but conveniantly forget how Bisping got screwed over even worse in his next fight again Rashad.
  11. Because MMA Is a growing unestablished sport still considered by many as a violent bloody sport (Cagefighting) and the UFC Is trying to change that stereotype,If someone died then It would set MMA back about 10 years
  12. Then why did he go to Strikeforce Instead of the UFC for less money and fight Rogers Instead of Brock?
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