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  1. Goodbye TerribleWilliamson Though I never knew you at all You had the balls to rip on americans While those around you trolled They crawled out of the woodwork And whined moaned and complained Yet still they kept your threads alive Until G_Row made you change your name And it seems to me you lived your life Like someone pissing in the wind Never caring if who you offended When other forum members butthurt-ness set in And they would have liked to have trolled you But they were just dumb skids Your UFC account burned out long before Your awesome comebacks and disses ever did Schooling dumb americans was tough The toughest role you ever played The forum made you a superstar And being banned was the price you paid Even when you were gone Oh the d-bags still hounded you And made dumb threads about How they're happy you got the boot Goodbye TerribleWilliamson From a young man named Bonobo Who sees you as something more than just your average troll Your UFC forum account burned out long before Your awesome comebacks and disses ever did Goodbye TTW Rest in peace
  2. You really think he was banned for posting silly picture of what he "Imagines forum members to look like"? Really? C'mon, you're not that dumb.
  3. Calling what he said "implying" is stretching your credibility pretty thin. C'mon, I'm sure you can find something a little more valid to whine about than silly fabricated accusations.
  4. There's no rule against a forum member stating his/her opinion about a country, politics, military issues or world events. It sounds like he really ripped you a new fudge hole...I'm going to have to go through your posts and find it. I bet it's hilarious
  5. Wow, so much for that free speech you guys drone one endlessly about. He didn't swear, he didn't call people names or attack anyone personally, he didn't break any rules. He just stated an opinion that was unpopular to some. I guess that's a ban-worthy offence around here. They should at least have the consideration to put that in the forum rules we all agree to so we'd know where we stand. Hurting a mods feelings, bannable offence...maybe G_Row should make a sticky thread about it. It was a bunk perma-ban and G_Row should just man up and admit that he let his emotions affect his judgement and make it right.
  6. That was worse than anything he said to anybody in this thread or any other that I've read.
  7. And I thought you were a christian, doesn't that mean that you're supposed to love everyone? If I remember correctly Jesus wasn't some jerk who only hung out with people who agreed with him. He hung with lowlives and scumbags and societies loathed and despised. If Jesus were here today he's be asking TTW to go for beers...and he'd buy.
  8. Wow. That gutless display of back-peddling would make Kalib Starnes blush.
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