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  1. I get put on vanilla forum or whatever **** that is That too.
  2. How does a topic about bearing breasts in public, turn into a conversation about gun laws. I am dissapoint For Shame.........................For Shame The gun law statement was in reference to individual rights, which directly relates to the rights of women to go shirtless like their male counterparts. But yo......................Boo Bies
  3. It says some weird "Guru Meditation" error. And LoL to that Video
  4. How does a topic about bearing breasts in public, turn into a conversation about gun laws. I am dissapoint For Shame.........................For Shame
  5. Sens Future is so Bright, I have to wear shades.
  6. Before: After: Fobar's already seen it LoL Awesome. But seriously.........Newspaper instead of a table cloth and plates ? Ohio's Economy is worse than what I've been reading about. LoLz Honestly though, looked delish.
  7. Poutine is f**king Awesome. Anyone saying otherwise has never had one. Mmmmmmn. Poutine.
  8. lol.... "knew when to hang them up" LMFAO
  9. Yelled like a f**king schoolgirl when Alfie tied the game Short Handed with 30 seconds left to put it into overtime. If it went to 3-0 we most certainly would have been finished. #peskysens Great Learning Curve for the youngest team in the league
  10. The real question is, what is a model doing in Northern Alberta ? LMAO, crazy week indeed. Hope your week Improves, or stays the same. Whichever you prefer.
  11. My Sens are screwed. They don't stand a hope in hell against Philly. I was so disenchanted yesterday morning that I removed my car flags from my back windows...then I felt badly and put them back up... I suppose it's best it happens now, rather than get my hopes up further down the line? Ugh. Wow, you're already giving up. I never give up on my team, until they're beaten. GO SHARKS! Edit: Pittsburgh, not Philly. Haha! Yeeaaahhh...I meant Pittsburgh...between football, baseball, hockey, etc...all being watched in my home and listening to the hubby go on and on about them, it is easy to mix them up! (Still feel dumb though.) But - it is not that I easily give up per se...I can see the writing on the wall, as everyone else can, to the point of almost being painful to watch and hope that we realistically have a shot - because we don't. I think we did well crusing the Habs, and I am satisfied with that, and proud of the boys...but really, it's over...99.9% sure of it...will happily be proven wrong though! While I also think the Penguins will win it, I am not 100% convinced. Pittsburgh was outplayed by the Islanders, but the Islanders didn't have any scorers to take advantage of it. Maybe you are 0.1% that the Sens could pull through, like I am? I would say more like 70% Penguins, 30% Sens. Even as a DIE HARD Sens fan. I wouldn't put our probability of winning at anymore than 30%. The Pens are amazingly talented and LETHAL on the PP
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