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  1. GSP will win a decision or Condit will KO him a real badass way. /thread
  2. yes we all know GSP is gunna manhump/jab his way too a win, can't we have a little hope that someone more exciting might actually capture the title? Condit's underrated and he knows he can't go too a decision against someone like GSP, Condit has a decent shot at this and could very well KO GSP but thats all just hopes, GSP via yet another boring UD.
  3. As long as this thread remains a main pager even when i only stop by this forum like once a year is a complete and total win. Thread for the ages ladies and gents.
  4. Matt Mitrione ain't ****, hes overrated as hell and is actually about to knocked out in about two weeks time.
  5. i figured Forrest would get wrecked, just thought it'd take longer than 2 minutes, anyways just stopping in showing these suckas what it is
  6. 32-8 1 time UFC Light Heavyweight Champ 7-2 in UFC huge PRIDE star perennial top 5 LHW wins over:Hendo (top 5 MW/top 10 LHW), Wandy (one of GOAT LHW) (KO), Liddell x2 (other GOAT LHW) (KO), Jardine, Hamill, Machida (top 5 LHW), Arona not to mention being one of the most famous mixed martial artists today, thats what i call sucess
  7. 1.Frankie Edgar 2.Gray Maynard 3.Gilbert Melendez 4.Shinya Aoki 5.Eddie Alvarez 6.Clay Guida 7.Anthony Pettis 8.Ben Henderson 9.Melvin Guillard 10.Jim Miller Shalorus, Makdessi and Barboza seem like solid prospects, Guida vs. Bendo for No.1 contender, the Guillard train will end when he fights a top LW fighter, Melendez needs to get over to the UFC and challenge for the title and Edgar's winning his third fight with Maynard.
  8. over a year since the first time i seen this and its still on the first page, classic
  9. i assume he was ranting on how much Forrest would win before the fight, prob just devastated that Forrest got owned and he looked like a tool
  10. pics or gtfo next time, no one wants to listen without visuals
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