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  1. But I do have to ask, did they ever catch your dad? Just thought it would be nice for you to meet him one day
  2. Ok you can have my mom, but unlike your's she doesnt charge so I must ask for a donation.
  3. Yeah she loves the smell of recycled dog and cat. You people disgust me eating family pets.
  4. Say hi to Indiana Jones for me Or was you Data from the Goonies, hard to tell, you all look the same to me.
  5. yeah i dont have a spell checker on this browser
  6. you sound like you work at a chinese takeaway or a nike sweat shop
  7. no need to insult me it makes me sad like i want to kill myself. I offered an apology in a thread to make the piece, yet the harasment continued. I asked the mods for help in defusing the situation but all they did was enourage the harasment. it is clear everyone here hates me, just like in my real life.
  8. Oh and btw I admit it was me that voted JP24 and the enigmas games down. I knew it was shinny/kranga that voted mine down but tried to use the momentum to make others think it was them doing other peoples games to get them banned from here, but seems I am being banned anyway thoiught I might as well admit it.
  9. I couldnt agree more. Keep up the good fight
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