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  1. well tibau spent the whole fight with khabib pressed against the cage either stopping tkaedowns or fighting clinch, i am not sure you can win via just stuffing takedowns
  2. everyone thinks they are ready for khabib, until they get in the octagon with him and realise his MMA wrestling is like nothing else they have encountered
  3. but tibau was on all the roids for that fight
  4. Leben Wandy A Silva Sanchez khabib
  5. Lee is to dumb to retire. Also i dont like Dannis but Dannis would have his way with Lee on the ground. Lee needs to slow down, take some easier fights and build upon his skill set so he isnt 1 dimensional.
  6. Its probably something to do with rape knowing Megasoup
  7. Lee can't strike. He got lucky with the Gilespie. Looked very uncomfortable on the feet against Charles and whilst he is good with takedowns and scrambles he is basically clueless when it comes to BJJ defence.
  8. Can't believe people once thought this clown could beat Khabib.
  9. was certainly most entertaining thing to happen in his career.
  10. I disagree, if you had a chin like overeem you would run as well
  11. Bum Lee needs to find a new promotion. hes to fat for LW and to **** for WW.
  12. Hes hoping to become more like the great Khabib
  13. you talking about a guy who literally had his eso****us detached by Little frank
  14. both choke on the big fights so im expecting them both to lose.
  15. Weidman aint going to be happy until his dads pushing him around in a wheelchair. Dude needs to retire.
  16. you should revist a lot of those car names cause like 4 of them dont match the car depicted lol
  17. probably gunnar nelson as the main event lol
  18. Result should be overturned Krausse won that fight
  19. He was Catfished by Buffalo Bill and now he is applying the lotion to his skin
  20. Now Snory Anderson thinks he gonna get the next shot and dethrone jones.
  21. he was talking about retiring after last conor fight
  22. I think LW because i suspect Khabib will retire within 2 more fights.
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