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  1. Yeah, we've got a friend who works in ICU. First wave was all old, fat people. This latest wave has been much younger and healthier. Got my second jab today though so I'm immune and can suddenly speak perfect German. Gluchlicke tage.
  2. Lol, came on to say the zaksame thing. Aacid is kuro's mini. Osi is a habitual non-filler, so I don't know why he's moaning. He does actually have an alt but hasn't got decent enough troops to donate.
  3. The fora is going to need more details of this "sporadic contact". Hard to tell if you were firmly friend-zoned or are just being a gentleman.
  4. I've never ducked an av bet, and don't intend to start now. When is this great sporting event? Let's make it until the end of the Olympics. Nothing perverted though.
  5. Nah, she was in the <76KG category. That bloke was in the >87KG - and has just crashed out without managing to register a single lift. What a shambles.
  6. In other Olympic news, a lass from my old gym called Patricia Strenius just finished 4th in the Women's 76KG weightlifting. She qualified for the Olympics last year, but then had to re-qualify; actually didn't make it, but then someone dropped out and she ended up with a wild card or something like that so was delighted even to be there, even though she missed out on a medal by a fair way. Fair play to her.
  7. That's because EVERYONE IS SEXIST. Not because the standard is terrible or anything.
  8. The legendary @carnages quoting one of my posts. Impossible to get mad when that happens.
  9. Yeah, unfortunately Britain also has a small but vocal minority who police social media trying to get offended on other people's behalf. Sad times.
  10. No offence meant OP, but who cares? Prime Conor v Prime Ferguson would have been a fun scrap, but they're both done. It's not a fight with any appeal.
  11. Britain seem to be specialising in winning medals in events that shouldn't be in the olympics. We've added a BMX gold and a mixed relay triathlon (wth??) to our earlier skateboarding medals. Olympic coverage in Sweden is utterly shambolic. For a start, you have to pay, and then they of course focus massively on all the crappy sports that only Sweden are interested in. Virtually no swimming coverage because they've been showing women's handball instead. Time for a clean up. Too many garbage events. Ban the following:- Judged events (diving, gymnastics, dressage, synchronised swimming etc.) Events in which the olympics is not the pinnacle (football, rugby, basketball etc.) Woke events (basically, any mixed relay nonsense) Events that don't utilise the fastest/best method (i.e all swimming races should be Freestyle. I mean who actually does butterfly irl?)
  12. Looks better when she's not massively dehydrated tbf. She's the second one.
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