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  1. Half decent game unfolding at the Rose Bowl. 2 sessions to go and all 4 results possible are usually a sign of a nicely poised and balanced test match. Anyone watching? Have they let any crowd in at all, or is it being played in almost total silence (aka same as county cricket)
  2. What's sad about hating on champions for being boring?
  3. Picks submitted. Thank you for the tag, commissary.
  4. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/53373542 RIP in pieces to the great man. I cheered a lot for the Jack Charlton ROI team back in the day, especially at USA '94 (although maybe he'd moved on by then 🤔). England weren't there, plus they had a couple of liverpool legends in the team (Aldridge, Houghton). And of course he was in the team in '66 that brought us our finest ever international hour. Sad day.
  5. Rugby players tew strong. This will be a more clear cut win than last time round. I'm so confident I'm willing to bet @OzPride's account.
  6. I really want Masvidal to win. I like a bit of a fairy- tale ending to a guy's career, plus it will make platinum Clegg's year!
  7. Frankly anything under a 10:1 ratio is poor! I'm starting the campaign to get you in the main clan for next cwl. You might have to attack from the th side a bit more though!
  8. "Bubba sparks was never my friend" Stomp Grind ~ 2020 😒
  9. I'm just composing a strongly worded letter as we speak! Considering her majesty has apologised I'm disappointed that Stomp isn't campaigning hard for his people to rejoin the commonwealth.
  10. This closed doors stuff in the middle of summer is exhibition football. Let's see how this lot do away to Leeds on a rainy Monday night in November. Then we'll see who's brave.
  11. Didn't like post, clearly gotten tew. What's the latest in your state anyway mate? Am reading that Melbourne is back in lockdown?
  12. @OzPride, I think this gimmick has run it's course. You need to go back to your pro-Putin, flat earth one. The Trump stan gimmick is completely over- crowded now. Keep up the wine drinking hipster one though. That's still got mileage. Edit: YNWA.
  13. Prime queen Elizabeth II would still kick his **** though.
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