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  1. You think Costa's smart enough to be in on something?
  2. Just for you, I will update my official height class rankings next week. There were some awesome matchups in the original list.
  3. There's a thread for that kind of comment mate.
  4. Wonder what they're paying these dudes for a non-title fight? Costa was on 60/60 for his fight before Izzy; Vettori was on 50/50. They got a lot more for fighting for the title, but I guess they'll be well down on that even though they're headlining.
  5. Ugh. I'm worried that this will issue in a brave new era of strategically arranging catchweight fights. If Costa gets away with this, any future headliner who is even slightly struggling with weight can just say screw it and arrange either catchweight or to fight at the weight above. I mean...why risk missing weight and getting pulled from the event by the doctors when you can make some garbled statements about coming in heavier to guarantee a knockout. I think Cerrone fought someone a few years ago where they basically both said screw this, we weigh the same anyway, why bother cutting weight, and fought at WW instead of LW. But this feels like at worst a tactic, at best an attempt to paper over poor discipline during the fight camp. Only two solutions exist. Get rid of weight classes, or finally implement height classes.
  6. This kind of rationale is why you're still using dragloon mate.
  7. TBH, SVT sums it up. "Invest" with your eyes open; you are not investing in a company with sound financials, a business plan, a dividend, existing markets etc. etc. You're buying a bunch of lottery tickets, loosely disguised as currency trading. One of them might win, maybe even a few, but quite possibly none of them. So DYOR, and don't invest money you can't afford to lose!
  8. Meanwhile, Sweden's current most famous person appears to have gone insane. Fresh from blaming Britain for any climate issues (because we started the industrial revolution, so...), she's now RickRolling all her followers. TBH, I think dancing to Rick Astley is probably a healthier occupation for a teenager than stressing themselves to death and making angry speeches at politicians who ignore her. @SVTContour98, when you come and visit me in Sweden, let's go to one of these gigs.
  9. Also, thoughts on Newcastle being run by the dudes who executed that Saudi journalists? What's next; Arsenal being bought by ISIS? Football clubs being run by the mafia...oh wait...
  10. Good night all round @MauroPedrosa. You know, I'd just about forgiven Simeone for '98 (video below for the uninformed). After last night though...screw that guy. Would be sweet if Liverpool and Porto both go through (mainly so we can meet in the QF's and batter you again :))
  11. They could all become worthless. Or they could all be scams, pyramid schemes or ponzi schemes. Follow the fundamentals... even though that's apparently unfashionable these days.
  12. Have they run any trials yet on that age group? Dear old Sweden has decided they will only offer it to 12 year olds. They've had literally 2 under 11s die so far from Corona, and I think one of them had advanced leukemia (not sure about the other)
  13. Probably. I mean their big tv deal is with ESPN, who are of course owned with Disney; would imagine there's a certain amount of woke pressure to fulfill certain quotas.
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