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  1. Lol. Given that the main contributors to this thread are an American living in the Phillipines, a Brit living in Canada, a Brit living in Sweden, a couple of Americans who have stated emphatically they don't vote (one because their state is as blue as they come, the other because of concerns over AI), an Australian/Russian troll and an American who is too old to find his way to the voting booth, it's going to be you talking to Roids if we adopt the bold.
  2. Lol, no worries. My main issue is I'm unable to consistently spell spoiler, and spolier doesn't have the same effect. Where were we?
  3. Keep me out of your meltdowns please and thank you.
  4. Put @TUF and @berzerker101 in the next debate. They're much more entertaining and a lot less senile. Only minor problem is they're both republicans but this is rarely acknowledged.
  5. I would like to see before and after pictures of @Megasoup's scalp so I can independently verify whether or not Minoxidil works. If it does, some of you lackbeards on here should start applying it to your chins.
  6. Those further left ain't going to suddenly vote for Trump though. Or do you think he'll have put them off enough that they just won't vote? What sways people over there anyway? Virtually all i really here about are personality issues; Trump said a mean thing, Biden's incontinent etc. What are the issues that the average hard-working American actually care about in an election?
  7. Everyone seems to be getting in a tiz about the proud boys comment. What's the back story on these gentlemen? All I really know of them is from the odd yt clip of some unit decking a couple of antifa betas The dear old beeb described them as transphobic, homophobic, islamophobic, misogynistic, racist white supremacists. Given they'd probably describe me as at least 4 of those things though I'm a tad wary of their take.
  8. How hard can it be? Just install a kommode.
  9. Tell me more about this debate. How long does it last? Who chooses the questions? Does it ever actually change anyone's opinions, or will there just be predictable claims of victory from both sides? Apparently it turned the tide for JFK against Nixon back in 1960....plus I read that it was a huge turning point for Reagan when he made some quick quip about age. We only had these over here a couple of times and then sort of lost interest.
  10. Rich looking in shape. Still has one fight left on his contract - give him one last shot at Izzy.
  11. Yeah, I am itching for a lot more from Khalul. Plus we need more Ferro. There's this unspoken hint that she basically finished Ghurkul off after Bayaz zapped the 100 words.
  12. Ah yes, I thought you might mean that. It was a pleasing "nod" to our old friend. Yeah, I'd had my suspicions about the second one for some time. Have a feeling book 3 will take a turn to high fantasy. There's still a huge lot to be said and done at a "higher" level. None of that is spoilers, but remind me how i do hidden posts again?
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