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  1. Oh. That was me coming back in readiness for chucking 45 ice golems in war cc's in the morning. Had already switched accounts by then. Someone is helping out with war cc's.... it's probably you, thanks! 1200 spaces takes a lot of filling.
  2. The more i talk to you chaps, the less convinced I am about this. I think it's part of the lie that you're sold.
  3. In all seriousness, the big problem is that in cwl we have about 10 - 15 "ringers". Mo seems to have a network of randoms that he conjures up for cwl. Consequently a lot of them just don't seem to bother. I'm leaping around like a yo-yo with winterfell to try and keep it to a minimum but it gets draining when you log on after an hour to see your own request still empty and buried under king's, Tony's, two Mustafa's and an Arabic squiggle. Most perplexing of all are the multitude of 3 star e dragon hits. What the heck?
  4. I'm enjoying the high scores in the Bundesliga. I reckon the prem will have a few whacky score lines as a bunch of unfit and demotivated players face teams either scrapping for cl places or in a relegation battle.
  5. Can someone tell me more about the police's right to "Stand their ground" over there? I've got a mate from California who reckons that is often at the heart of why a lot of these situations escalate rather than de-escalate.
  6. Response changed from ha-ha to sad when I realised how low your battery was. What is it with you people??
  7. How dare he interfere with their ineffectual virtue signaling? How are they going to feel better about themselves now??
  8. Frankly this pesky Chinese virus trying it on with a member of the platinum squad could be a turning point in this whole pandemic. Word will get out and they'll all head back to where they came from. Game over boys.
  9. Yeah... you've basically got to follow ALL the social media virtue signaling stances or none of them. I don't know anyone who's come off Facebook and regretted it, that's for sure.
  10. Don't @ me unless it's Brexit or queen related! Okay, I'll grant you those looked a lot fishier than the ones stomp posted. They looked as if someone had just googled "bricks" and posted the first image they found.
  11. They had a protest in Stockholm last night. Mrs sparks ended up slap bang in the middle of it, and was very moved by the passion and enthusiasm. Then we had a long talk about millennials, virtue signaling, and the fact several thousand elderly swedes have basically been murdered by the government's apathy and yet not a single person has taken to the streets to protest. She's doing much better now.
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