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  1. I agree with this....the problems in the 60s and the 80s were huge. You guys were practically on the brink of nuclear war with Russia for a decade. The media, and people's echo chambers makes things seem more extreme than they are. When i was in my 20s, i got all excited about "peak oil". We would run out of oil within 10 years, society would collapse. I guess at a certain age it feels like the end of the world is nigh. Now I'm an old git (although obviously not in your league), i figure things will bumble along in one shape or another for quite some time.
  2. Elon likes the fact he can make the world dance. At some point one of his tricks might bite him hard in the butt though. He's at his best as a pioneer; at his worst as a social media celebrity.
  3. There's a theory that he was the original spambot. Zerk is the upgraded model.
  4. Yeah....but they're right on the frontline. So that minute of freeze time mainly happens at the same time, and primarily affects collectors and walls. I often have swag freezes left as well, so i don't know how much it benefits. Maybe there's another way to use them, but i spent all last month using the same attack. Typically hit 2 or 3 triples a day, and 240+ trophies with regular golems. I had 3 consecutive days using ice golems instead, and didn't hit a single triple, and averaged around 200 each day. This is all spreadsheeted! I just think IG are more suited to surgical usage than spam. I never really used baby dragons in any serious attack. Would love to think valks have made a comeback, but the fact they get two-shotted by scatters makes them too weak for me. I suspect that enhancing TH13 attacks with clever pet usage will be the new meta, rather than some new wild attack. My trader is trolling me right now. Before the update he offered me a book of heroes pretty much ever day. Haven't had a single one since.
  5. Golems work a million times better than ice golems in that attack. I can only assume you're being a hipster. Tbf, I haven't tried ice at th14, but it's horses for courses and you just want the extra hp of the regular golems. The ig freeze is great if they get deep into a base but they're pure cannon fodder with that attack. I think you're number 1 because of your th by the way. You're a th14.3 I think. We're all 14.1 or 14.2 at most.
  6. The French clubs will surrender. Although, the backlash has been so strong that I wonder if they'll get anyone else to sign up now. Carra is confident it can be stopped. He looks like he's about ready to march on Westminster. Neville just looks like he's about to cry.
  7. Bayern are pretty much the best run club in world football if you ask me. Hespect. Dam...you should hear Carra on this topic. He's spitting feathers.
  8. I find anything Colt says about upgrading hard to take seriously given his shockingly low level defences. I reckon that several people will have maxed heroes before me, but I'd put money on being fully maxed long before most of the clan. They all like shiny things too much...as much as i hate having heroes down, when there are only 5 levels and i've got a full stash of hero potions, I'm not dropping 165 medals to save myself 7 days when i can drop 120 and save 20. How are the pets shaping up at the moment? For my spam attacks I think RC with unicorn is a must. Coupled with freezes, it gives you a strong chance of her surviving until the end. I also like yak with queen - his damage is garbage, but he opens up walls nicely. He gets badly left behind if he goes with the RC or warden, and if he's with the king, he doesn't really do anything to walls. Lassi with the kind basically turns a tank into an even better tank, so by default i stick the owl with the warden. Two pillow-fisted cans together. @juice64011, that second war hit i used might be quite versatile i reckon. It's a lot of similar ideas to the regular one, but you've got so much HP on the battlefield that multis are not a problem, plus your RC can take out half the base. Kinda looks cool with all the skellies as well...
  9. Edit - i think this can still be stopped. The voice of the fans is powerful; if LFC,AFC and MUFC fans combine (for a change), there will be a player's revolt. Klopp has already come out and said he hasn't changed his opinion on it (he's not a fan at all), so this isn't necessarily done.
  10. I think it affects the EPL more than anyone. Leicester are always in the hunt for Europe. This year West Ham were in the hunt for most of the year. Once the ESL launches, the next level of clubs can't dream of Europe. Unless they're fighting for top spot (which by then will be a glorified 7th place), there's nothing left to play for. And if the interest in the EPL diminishes dramatically, then the clubs left won't be able to pay the wages, and the standard will fall dramatically. This will ripple down the leagues, and consequently the lower league clubs will struggle to stay afloat. Additionally, international football gets stripped of most of it's stars, and players will have to choose between the big bucks or playing for their country. I wonder which way they'll go.... There's an irony and injustice about the fact that just as fans are looking forward to getting back on the terraces and cheering their team on, this comes out. For those who shell out their hard-earned cash week in, week out, it feels as if their club has folded. The LFC fan boards are lighting up right now; haven't seen a single fan in favour of it. The other ones i feel sorry for are the teams below Porto, Sevilla etc. At least you guys will be able to fight over the crumbs. My old boss was a Malmo fan. They're basically Sweden's 3rd biggest club (also where Zlatan is from), and every now and again they qualify for the CL. Just getting the chance to play Barca and Juventus is huge for those guys. That's just not going to happen again. But hey, the Glazers, FSG and a couple of sheikh's get even richer, so happy days.
  11. It's not inconceivable that his next three fights will be Danis, Conor, Mayweather..... You should call him out mate. I would definitely pay $2.50 to watch that one.
  12. Been a funny old day. There's a rumour going around that it's because of the ESL, but that seems to be a bit of an internet myth....strange sacking him a week before a cup final, but anyway. I've said for a few years he's past it; dude either needs to retire, or manage Portugal (which is pretty much the same thing). https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/56799400 @MauroPedrosa, we need your hot take on both of today's big stories please.
  13. Yeah, i agree. They dignified him with a response that they really didn't need to. But i don't think he's really played the boxer v MMA angle; he's more played the amateur v pro. I mean, this is why he fought a basketball player in his second fight. Like Cash said, they all took offence at an "amateur" making a bunch of money and wanted to shut him up. It's a very different beast to Toney v Couture, or Conor v Floyd. It's more like me mocking the athletic community, then calling out Usain Bolt...and beating him in a 100 mile race.
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