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  1. How could you possibly make this about Conor? You're obsessed.
  2. It looks cool, wondering how long before some idiot cop throws it round someone's neck and it throttles them though? Personally i think they need to train the cops be much better at throwing hands and securing TD's Omo's favourite film is Independence Day, plus he has a long held urge to pipe bomb Jose Aldo (hello to you Mr FBI man), so I've always assumed him to be an American called Adam.
  3. How will that work considering they all look the same 🤔
  4. It slightly rustles me that this thread is still going several months after Bwana already won. We should be on to Celebrity Death Pool Season 11. Where you @America; frankly if you can't be bothered to log on on Independence Day, when can you be bothered??
  5. Lol, when will oz learn that this kind of hubris is unbecoming. One team has been training like Spartans to regain some kind of pride; the other has been partying hard for the last three days. This was never going to end well....
  6. She looks pretty suicidal in the pictures I've seen.
  7. I can confirm this to be untrue. That old humbug has less convincing evidence than lizards running the world.
  8. Who is this Ghislaine Maxwell chick, and is she really important enough to interject herself into a political debate between me and Stomp about the queen?
  9. Remind me how many countries you've annexed recently? Sure you guys are number one in those things (except arguably technology), but the power is largely unused. Putin fancies taking a bit of USSR back for sentimental value? No problem, he'll just sit out the moans and groans from the west because he knows he'll out-last all of them. Likewise with China; they've basically invaded the Philipines and India, plus bought half of Africa without anyone really batting an eye-lid, and with limited accountability home or abroad. Someone will no doubt point out that in a 1 v 1 war, Murica still bodies both of them, and that's undoubtedly true....but it will never come to that. Like the honey badger, Putin/Xi do whatever they want. Hence whilst Trump is the president of a more powerful country than either, he's not more powerful per se than either of them. I know you're only trolling about the queen so i'll give you a pass.
  10. As everyone knows, despite a terrible start, I'm now the fora leading expert on corona data analytics. All about those 7 day death averages....America's is still going down. Y'all just testing a lot more I think. That said, I'm kind of expecting those to start ticking upwards from the middle of July. Will Independence Day celebrations be a bit muted this year do you think?
  11. Stuff like this is why I've always disputed that the POTUS is the "most powerful man in the world" https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-53255964 Vlad's basically just cemented another 16 years in power. Number 2 is Xi Jinping btw. Trump's probably number 3. Obviously if we're talking most powerful person in the world then they're all below Her Majesty.
  12. You might want to prevent allowing multiple votes before the trolls turn up. Nobody likes election fraud. Apart from the 7 million dead Democrats or whatever zerkbot was talking about.
  13. Yeah, we had a similar phenomenon in the last UK election. The overall polls were pretty spot on - they predicted a swing of a few %age points to the Tories. However, with Brexit dominating the election, that swing was virtually zero in "Remain" seats, and huge (like 15-20%) in Brexit seats, some of which had never voted conservative in living memory...but 15% was enough and so the Tories picked up a ton of seats, way more than if they had the 2 or 3 % swing across the board. It's just not an exact science, but statistically, picking 1000 people out of 300 million will give you a surprisingly representative result (if they're sufficiently "random").
  14. I read something today (don't ask me why....) that basically the exit polls were quite close to the actual result, but the projections made certain demographic assumptions that were not born out in reality. Basically none of the pollsters thought that there would be a swing in female voters TOWARDS Trump, instead of away from him. That screwed up a ton of the predictions. It's a bit of a dark art...
  15. That's because they're a bunch of soul-less bottle boys supported by plastic fans. Playing behind closed doors was always going to help the more "corporate" teams. Brighton would have BATTERED united in front of a full AMEX. I'm quite enjoying this building of false hope for next season though. United won't finish top 3 under OGS.
  16. Of course not. And given your media is more partisan than the UK's, I'd take them with more than a pinch of salt. That's why i put more faith in my own anecdotal poll. I was just a bit surprised that the average margin of error was fairly low, and doesn't seem to be getting markedly worked. Those stats were only nationwide polls though for presidential elections
  17. As a bit of a data nerd, I find polling quite interesting really. Anecdotally it feels as if they've taken a beating in the past 4 years - they got Brexit wrong, Uk election in 2015 badly wrong, Scottish Independence was a lot less close than expected, and of course the US 2016 election result was completely wrong. However, i did a bit of digging, and the average margin of error for US election polls has been 4% in the past 20 years. In 2016 they were 4.8% out. In the UK, polls for the last 3 major elections have been more accurate than the historical average. I guess the big thing is that a poll (for example) predicting Obama will win by 2% and he wins by 6% is less striking than one predicting Clinton wins by 2% and she promptly loses by 3%. Same thing happened with the Brexit vote; the poll was actually more accurate than the average UK poll (only 3.5% out), but things were so tight that the predicted 2% Remain vote turned out to be a 1.5% Brexit vote. All that said, I put more faith in my own private anecdotal evidence poll conducted across 7 states in America last summer and I still think Trump will win in November. The current polls are probably reasonably accurate; people have a negative view of pretty much all world leaders right now because of Corona, but when it comes to actually voting in November, Corona, BLM, scandals, dementia etc won't matter. It's the economy, stupid. And whilst things will look pretty bleak, I suspect people will trust the right to bring things back on track more than the left.
  18. @cashfl0w... theory confirmed! How do I get in on this? For $2.50 a post I'll happily do some WMMA selling.
  19. Sir @juice64011, will you be coming over for cwl? We'll probably be declaring 24 hours after the start.
  20. I've given up trying to explain European geography to my transatlantic cousins. To hillbillies like @juice64011, Irish = English = United Kingdom = Great Britain = Wales = Scotland = all a bunch of commies that nobody cares about.
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