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  1. A boy named Sue....? Smh, i remember when people were given jobs because they were the best person for the job, not because they ticked a box on the diversity checklist.
  2. Some decent cricket over the past few weeks. Solid start by England against Sri Lanka; despite the last innings wobble, we don't win many opening games away so happy with that. But Australia v India....that was a heck of a series. People are saying it's up there with the 2005 Ashes - the two top teams in the world going head to head, with all matches apart from the first one pretty close. Respect to India for winning that with an injury hit side. Still can't excited about a test cricket world cup though, especially with all the teams playing different number of games. Cricket can still be a bit anachronistic at times...
  3. I've still got mxmod's backup fora bookmarked. I'll see you all there when zerk finally runs out of steam and the fora dies.
  4. I'm a one fora guy. Also no idea why sir cash thinks I'm trying to get zerk banned!
  5. I need to do some analysis of zerk spam. At a rough estimate, he is 90% of the posts in at least 5 threads.
  6. Please share a clip. There was a lot of entertainment in the build up to that fight.
  7. Lol. I never know with you bogans. No need to apologise, I'm Swedish, not Swiss. And I'm not even that.
  8. I'm assuming it's a cross between toast, and swiss cheese, which is cheese but with lots of holes in it.
  9. Time for the weekly Thursday Swedish corona update. Short version; we're getting rekt. Sweden is now number 2 in the world for rolling 7 day average of deaths, just behind UK, who had to invent a new variant to stay ahead. Still no lockdown, although on Sunday, the government brought in new powers that allowed them to close businesses if necessary. Frankly, it's shutting the door after the horse has bolted; spread has actually started slowing in the last couple of days - we're basically seeing the Christmas bounce as a result of the only country in Europe with zero restrictions over Christmas. Swedes don't really socialise between Christmas and midsummer, so I expect it will now drift downwards gradually, and they probably won't do any restrictions. In the meantime though, Sweden is making a determined run to get back into the top 10 deaths per capita. They're making a run on France; UK are also making strong moves as they close rapidly on Macedonia and Italy. Slovenia has come from nowhere though to consolidate 3rd spot (behind non-countries Belgium and San Marino), but 4th and 5th is definitely up for grabs. Only thing is that UK will vaccinate way quicker than the rest of Europe, and Sweden will have done everyone by the summer (because we basically only have 3 cities). Gonna be tight....I'm still tipping America ultimately to get back into that top 5. https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus-data-explorer?zoomToSelection=true&minPopulationFilter=1000000&time=2020-09-15..latest&country=GBR~USA~ITA~FRA~ESP~MKD~PER~SVN~BGR~SWE&region=World&deathsMetric=true&interval=total&hideControls=true&perCapita=true&smoothing=0&pickerMetric=location&pickerSort=asc
  10. Time for a short Brexit update. Whilst the BBC plasters it's front pages about the terrible tragedy of a British family who had their ham sandwich confiscated by smarmy Dutch border officials due to "Brexit", one thing that has not registered on their bleeding heart liberal front page is that the UK has currently vaccinated more people against Corona than the rest of Europe put together. This is down to two things. Firstly, the UK didn't have to wait for EU approval to approve the various vaccines. Consequently, they approved the Pfizer vaccine almost a month before the EU did, and have approved the other two (Moderna and Astrazeneca), whilst the EU still deliberates. And secondly, they placed their own orders. The EU did a Europe wide deal for the Pfizer vaccine, which limited countries based on population. Seems fair you say? They also put in a clause that prevented Pfizer selling the vaccine direct to European governments. Consequently, we had this delightfully bureaucratic conversation (slightly paraphrased) this week. Belgian Prime Minister: Hello Albert, Alexander de Croo here. As you manufacture most of your vaccine in Belgium, i wondered if you had any spare? Head of Pfizer (Albert Bourla): Who da fook? Belgian PM: Belgian Prime Minister HoP: Ah, okay. Nobody has even heard of you in Belgium mate. Anyway, sure, we've got millions spare at the moment. Belgian PM: Great! Can we have some? HoP: Sorry, no. We'll get in trouble with the EU if we sell you any Belgian PM:Wtf?? So you've got vaccine in my country, but you can't sell it to me? HoP: Correct. Sorry mate, got to go, Boris is on the phone wanting some more vaccine Belgian PM: **** you Albert HoP: **** you Alexander It's farcical. I'm glad we're out.
  11. That brings the count up to 3 so far. 12er's logic is that if someone disagrees with him, they must be doing it because they are biased. I admire the courage of his convictions.
  12. I'm getting nostalgic about the Conor run to the FW belt, before he became a bit of a nob. The Aldo world your was epic, and who can forget when Chad tried to trash talk him and got owned.
  13. Agree that we need more mysteriously floating chairs at these things.
  14. Glad you made it safety, and you seem to be looking on the bright side as ever! Yeah, your timing was interesting! UK is getting annihilated by the looks of things, although i reckon they are starting to turn the corner. Looks like they're going ham with the vaccine roll-out, so either they'll be the first ones in Europe out of this thing, or the first ones to be over-run by zombies. Guess you have to isolate for a couple of weeks now though, that's a bit of a downer.
  15. This is still one of my favourite press conference moments. Comedy question, Eddie visibly rustled, Conor's hilarious summary....and that voice crack...
  16. I'm only one episode in I'm afraid, Brexit totally screwed up my amazon account. So far so good though. Straight to the point, fairly epic and feels like they're closing a few things off in a hurry. Hope they do something decent with Edge though; feels like that storyline has been developing longer than Arya's. How far through are you? All done?
  17. Fair point. MoZZez is officially added as he's mainly here to argue with cash anyway.
  18. I'm fed up with the fora being split on political lines. The most polarising Ufc fighter of a generation fights this month. If you love him, post pictures, clips, yt interviews of his glorious and hilarious run to being the first double belt holder. Feel free to deride all who hate him. If you hate him, share him being tapped out by nate, khabib and generally being a nob. And likewise, deride those fair weather fans!
  19. I don't think you guys realise quite how much your political bias influences your interpretation of events. With the exception of roids, svt, CB and juice, I think you have much stronger unconscious (or maybe even conscious) biases than you realise. 4 years of a polarising president and a bunch of sore losers has divided you, despite Shia LeBouef's best efforts. Frankly, the sooner people stop demonising each other for having different political views, and resume demonising each other for liking/disliking Conor McGregor, the better.
  20. We got half way through Iron Man 2 then she fell asleep. Worrying signs. Also "Is that the guy from the Matrix" when Fury appears has me unnerved. So 1.5 down, 19.5 to go.
  21. HUGE news. I'd argue Crangs has never played properly, but anyway. Welcome Sir @crangs
  22. It's my home clan! My loyalties to the Arabs run deep
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