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  1. Had to add @Thepolarbear. One of the more spectacular insta-meltdowns in recent years.
  2. Name them. Plus you're all getting your asses handed to you by RON.
  3. I honestly used to think axemurduh was a bot. Get well soon.
  4. Sir @crangs, i wonder if i could trouble you to do your CWL hits in the 2nd clan? Poor EK is getting hot under the collar about 24/30 hits, even though we won at a canter.
  5. Champs/former champs. 2-1 to Bisping. Lol, good point. I need to ensure the anti-curse continues; not sure i said Izzy was a tough match-up.
  6. Also beat more MW champions than your boys Whittaker/Israel combined. Have you noticed how active Duckles is now he's not champion? Absolute charlatan.
  7. To the bold, i understand that Amazon took advantage of tax breaks for R&D, carried forward rebates for previous losses, and basically took advantage of anything they could, legally speaking, to minimise their tax burden. So you either need to end those tax rules/incentives/breaks, or keep them in place, but stop Amazon from using them. Given those rules are in place to help drive innovation, it's a very tricky tightrope to walk. As for treating the workers like crap, unless they're being illegally detained, I don't particularly see the issue. They can either unionise for better deals or find another job. I don't disagree that in an ideal world, huge corporations would pay more tax, it's just extremely hard to do in this complex, multi-national environment in which they all now operate. No country in the world to my knowledge has found a good solution. If you come down too hard, they just move HQ to another country who will willingly accept an employer that brings tens of thousands of jobs. I use Amazon as the main example btw because they're the simplest business for me to understand. So in what way do you think they in particular are doing more harm than good, and what do you think should be done to redress the balance? For me, the good is very simple; thanks to Amazon i have access to a lot more products and services, I can generally buy them cheaper, and I can usually get them in a manner that is very convenient. That's worth a lot tbh.
  8. I fancy us in this series. Home advantage is always a thing; even more so during these Corona times. Your Pakistani boys will be going stir crazy within a couple of weeks, plus we've basically had 3 more games to prepare. It's a tough ask for them to be competitive, but we shall see...
  9. Huge. Btw, I'm surprised and a bit disappointed that @OzPride hasn't formally lodged his congratulations to Stuart Broad for reaching 500 wickets.
  10. I think we'll all agree that we need another moderator. Having killed Freddie, cagerattler and Finish_Him, Sober is focusing on real life so much i can't even be bothered to @ him. Enigma is back in his car fire, JChristian is still trying to persuade Miesha Tate to join his CrossFit box, McMod is focused on Animal crossing, so that basically leaves us with just @juice64011, and @SavageTC, both of whom are absolute cans. Seems to be a 3 horse race. First candidate is @-idyb-. A vote for IDYB is a vote for fairness, and the painstaking un-merging of his GSP thread into it's original glory. As a long-time member of the fora, he needs no further introduction, plus he would bring some much needed diversity to the forum moderator team as they have never had a moderator with a mullet before. Second candidate is @VertFTW. A vote for Vert is a vote for confidence in the education system that produced this top 20 graduate. His main focus will be on finding McMod a girl, plus increasing the flow of manly topics, such as inquiring about your penis size, or what type of jeans you wear https://forums.ufcfightclub.com/topic/193659-type-of-jean-fit-you-wear/ Final candidate is @Conceive-Believe-Achieve, aka Wickles, aka the poster who has done most to damage the excellent British poster reputation that me and @NoCakeForYaya have built up over the years. Wickles will run on a ticket of having already Made the Fora GREAT again, a long with a manifesto pledge to rid the fora of all things Swedish. For that reason alone, Wickles is the candidate I am officially endorsing. Please cast your votes below using the poll, and I presume that @DanaWhite will read it and take action accordingly.
  11. Oz doesn't actually read this chit though mate; he pays someone to read it to him. His opinion is therefore questionable at best.
  12. Yeah, that was pretty cool. Although i did feel bad for poor Severand getting his fingers chopped off and his neck snapped for his troubles as a result. Just about to pop into the bath with a download of "The Great Leveller". Say one thing for Bubba Sparks, say he loves a good read in the bath.
  13. Sweden's a great place to raise kids. If you can stomach the 11 month winters and the soul-less Swedes that is. Lol, to clarify, i only briefly popped over the threshold because I had an exceptionally good bonus year. I ain't flying around in private jets lighting £500 cigars from £20 notes
  14. Was also pondering where i would put this in my pantheon of top 5 fantasy series. I think it slots in at number 2, just behind the Mistborn Series, and just ahead of the Wheel of Time duo-deca-quadrology. Game of Thrones comes in at 4 btw, with the Feist "Magician" trilogy at number 5.
  15. Okay, First Law Trilogy thoughts.... Overall; a LOT to like about it. Good storytelling, some great characters, and a lot of genuine laugh out loud moments (Ferro/Logan getting it on made me chuckle so much the missus asked me what i was reading, which took some awkward explaining). Really liked the way he retained a lot of "low" fantasy throughout; some fantasy series become so ridiculously high fantasy that the poor bloke trying to buy a horse in his home village seems completely irrelevant and you stop caring. Starting and finishing with Logan falling off a cliff was a nice way to underline the immutability of it all. I've enjoyed drinking up the tears of virgins on reddit who seemed rather rustled by the ending; for me, it was satisfying yet unsatisfying all at once. Was refreshing albeit sad that Logan didn't get the girl, or the kingdom, Ferro getting a power up before returning to her life of vengeance was fun, and my boy Glotka getting the girl was a nice twist. As a fantasy officianado, it doesn't sit totally comfortably that the power-hungry mass-murdering manipulative megalomaniac basically won, but I guess it gives a different take on things. My only minor gripe really was the Malacus Quai/Tolemi thing panned out. It was so obvious that Quai had been replaced by someone, that the only mystery was who. When it was revealed that it was Tolemi, it seemed a bit meh, especially as she had so many chances to kill Bayaz, seemed pretty OP, yet got dealt with very easily in the end. I also thought he made it a tad too obvious that Bayaz was a bit of a twat really. But hey, those are only minor gripes, and ones that Logan v Feared more than makes up for on it's own. I guess any trilogy you polish off in less than 2 weeks must be fairly decent, so thanks again for the recommendation @OzPride
  16. Most of Britain's landed gentry are in the 1%. That was back in the UK though; moving to communist Sweden has moved me dramatically down the rich list.
  17. Meh, it's not anywhere near as deadly as Spanish 'flu. That bad boy was taking out 25% of the people infected. By the way, pencil Wednesday in your diary - bi-weekly Swedish corona update will return.
  18. You should view my post as polite applause. Wickles/IDYB banter makes us all feel better about ourselves somehow.
  19. Bezos, Zuck etc. are not the 1% though mate. They're like the 0.0001%. That's why i think this whole 1% mantra is a red herring. I was very briefly part of the UK 1% in the last year i worked there, but i pay a shed load of taxes, do my bit blah blah blah. So going after me, and a ton of medium sized business owners and senior executives is completely misguided. As for your mega-corps, they're a product of free market capitalism, that the vast majority benefit from. Amazon provide a service that is better than most, at a price that is better than most. Sure, investigate them with extra scrutiny to make sure they're doing their bit, but to penalise people just for being successful sounds a bit too AOC for my tastes. I haven't done my research for America, but in the UK, the reason your average middle income earner can no longer own a house by the time they're 40 is because of the ridiculous ramping of house prices over the past 30 years, driven mainly by the huge increase of both parents working. Basically, feminism has screwed us all and made everyone unhappy, especially women.
  20. This is the thing about global media. The numbers, and graphs, look horrendous, but even the absolute worst hit proper country in the world (i.e not one with a population of 12) have had 18,000 cases per million. That's less than 1 in 50. America is less than 1 in 65, so it's not long odds that nobody in your network would have it. Not saying this to downplay it, but it still ain't anywhere near Spanish flu proportions, and never will be.
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