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  1. Wow, nice! Those are highly respectable distances.
  2. Only British politicians are cool enough to dance in public.
  3. 3 hours 9 minutes mate.....i mean 20 minutes of that was them chasing a mouse around, and another 15 minutes watching Tom Hanks try to pee. It was a good film, but not a great one. Shockingly, I've never seen that film. As you're usually a fairly sound film reviewer, i will add it to the shortlist for my Wednesday movie night with the missus. Thank you kindly.
  4. I'm slightly rustled by fish. In all the excitement of the impending US election, not to mention the great mask debate of 2020, let's not forget that the dear old United Kingdom has only 10 weeks until the "transition" deal with the EU expires. And one of the age old injustices of the EU has reared it's ugly head.... The UK waters are rich in fish. Despite being over-fished back in the 70s and 80s, they're still some of the richest waters in Europe. Then back in the early 90s, as the EEC slowly turned into the EU, some bright spark agreed that the French and Spaniards were well within their rights to trundle up from La Rochelle and Valencia to fish in British waters. British fishermen were a bit miffed about this, but it was all part of the EU deal, so they couldn't do much about it. Then the first winter came....and the British fishermen were even more perplexed as they huddled ashore waiting out the storms....whilst their Spanish and French counterparts went out in all weathers in their fancy, shiny, EU-subsidised fishing boats (subsidised by the net contributors, of which the UK is one). So basically, not only did we let these greasy foreigners fish in our waters, we paid them subsidies so we could fish more effectively than we could ourselves. Fast forward to today and one of the sticking points of the post-Brexit deal is that we want free access to European markets to sell our fish. In return, we'll give access to the EU to sell their fish to us with no tarrifs. Seems fair? We'll sell you our apples, and you can sell you your apples. Apparently this is not fair, and the French are demanding continued access to British fishing grounds. So they are happy for us to sell them our apples....but only if we allow them to come into our garden and steal our apples to sell back to us. The ridiculous part is that fishing makes up a tiny part of both nations' budgets, but the limp-wristed French leaders are so used to surrendering to anyone who strikes that they're terrified of ports grinding to a halt at the hands of angry, cod-wielding French fishermen distraught that they have to fish in crappy French seas instead of the succulent British waters they are used to. There's a very real chance that we'll leave with no trade deal at all, and end up trading with the EU on the same terms as ****-hole countries like Brazil, Egypt and Canada. SMDH. TL;DR - FCUK the EU, and FCUK Sweden for not having the guts to Swexit. @TwennyFo, come and add your righteous indignation to my ire.
  5. They're about as similar as Shawshank and The Rock tbh. I like Escape from Alcatraz, but given it's based on a true story, I'm not sure I'd praise it so highly for it's originality. Any film with Patrick McGoohan in it is worth a watch though. Would agree that Shawshank was arguably the most over-rated film of the 90s (at least until the Green Mile came out)
  6. You should post moar in this thread; for most of the regular nerds who post in here, this is the most interaction they've had with a woman in months.
  7. Welcome back Cole. People just kind of gradually lost interest tbh. Your old pal @America lost a fora bet I think. A lot of folk just found better things to do with their lives. What a bunch of losers! How's your back?
  8. How can you not know that MoZZez is Canadian?
  9. I have to take issue with this. The Manc accent is the only bad northern accent.
  10. Far tew soon for this neckbeard. Weidman wins at a canter.
  11. The complex part is there are a number of guys who lend him their account when they're too busy. And they also have alts.... So Ped is a dude from Pakistan, with a whole family on there (Shrivasta, Eagle, Golden Eagle etc.), mostly nephews, although this isn't obvious at first glance because they call him "Mama". Sometimes his nephews give him their accounts to attack, sometimes he lets them fill from his account and they get a bit giddy and attack with it. BUT....Ped also gives Mo his several accounts to attack with sometimes. Then you've got Sniper, Danger, Trav, all of whom I think Mo has permanent custody now. Orpent, however, is a completely different chap, who despite being a TH13 uses a TH6 attack (25 x giants) every single time. You're right. This can only be cleared up with a spreadsheet.
  12. This has changed my bum life. No hitting at 7AM in the morning, and try and avoid hitting after lunch. HUGE Gainzzz made. Also, in other news, Mo is doing 20 attacks per war at the moment. I thought it was bad having 6 war attacks plus 8 legends hits in one day....
  13. Was that the sequel to the one about the guy who couldn't spell "retard"? Or use apostrophes for that matter.
  14. Huge news! Happy clanniversary. Lol, where is @crangs? In other news, i have been painstakingly honing my zap hybrid attack for 2 solid months now. Experimenting with different compositions, best use of zap, risks of funneling for the th v going straight for it with queen, or blimp. Did careful analysis of best use of extra 20 troop space, did a risk assessment of where to drop the RC, and watched every Itzu video known to man. Even did a sleep v wakefulness analysis to see the best time of the day to attack. Consequently, i am quite chuffed with 162 trophies from my last 5 legends zap hybrid attack, including two splendid 3 star attack. However, to keep things interesting and complete the super valk event, i've been alternating it with that golem/witch/valk spam attack. Of course the skill level for zap hybrid is much higher, so it should yield much higher rewards. I've landed 189 trophies from my last 5 attacks, including four spammy 3 star attacks. No wonder Itzu looks so miserable all the time. Dude's spending hours a day perfecting queen walks and some rando drops 11 witches in a long line and gets 3 stars just as easily.
  15. I am not qualified, but @SVTContour98 posted something very interesting about this in the Corona Thread a month or so ago.
  16. Happy anniversary to you and Mrs Zerk. How many years if I may be so bold?
  17. It would be a lot better than 20 pages of random pictures of cars from our resident spambot.
  18. This is so tenuous I'm not sure it qualifies as evidence. All the other factors you highlight are likely to have been much more prominent, plus the fact they all do what their government tells them to. Like you say, they are intrinsically very clean living folk, almost obsessively so. I'd actually love to know more about what they've done in Japan. Demographically, they have a lot going against them; aging population, very crowded cities, plus high levels of mobility. Yet their numbers are insanely low. They're actually showing -ve "excess deaths" so far in 2020 as the corona death rate has been so low, and a bunch of people have avoided dying from other causes as a result of staying inside more.
  19. There are no studies that demonstrate that wearing a mask decreases your risk of spreading corona if you have it. People are also a bit dense, so I have a lot of sympathy towards the perspective that wearing a mask gives a false sense of security. For those reasons, Sweden never mandated a mask at any point, and we seem to be doing better than most right now.
  20. This small letter/ capital letter thing kind of hurts my eyes and I don't really get it. Please use the queen's nomenclature when writing. Thank you kindly in advance.
  21. Prime sparks was a beast at 1 on 1 basketball. Sadly, when you hit your mid 40s, the spring goes a bit. You'd probably rest your balls in my forehead at this point.
  22. Joking aside, I definitely agree that playing sport is way better than just exercise. Massively miss playing soccer since moving to this wintery land. Also used to love a bit of squash back in the day; this apparently doesn't even exist in Sweden. Weird.
  23. Genuinely chuffed we finally cracked the 7 war win streak. It was a big thing in the early days.
  24. How can I be racist when most of my parents' servants were black??
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