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  1. If fights had no time limit you would understand why Silva is the p4p best.
  2. My top 3 super fights right now in MMA are Silva/Bones > Silva/GSP > GSP/Diaz.
  3. He puts gobs of vaseline in his mouth before he walks out and then swashes it around with the water and then spews the fountain all over himself. Duh. (even though oil and water don't mix)
  4. Haha I thought thread title said McDonald's = Steroids. I was like :eek:
  5. Nick uses his style perfectly. He wears down his opponent by constantly pouring it on. Nate waits and attempts weak takedowns on his opponents. Nick would be top 5 in UFC. Nate might be top 10 in Strikeforce. Make the trade.
  6. Part of me wants to see Shields win to give Strikeforce champs legitimacy in the eyes of casual fans. Maybe Cain vs Overeem would come sooner that way. The rest of me doesn't want to see the most boring fighter in MMA (Shields) holding the belt for a minute. I just hope it's a good fight... like Silva/Sonnen... I hope Shields dominates GSP for 5 rounds and gets KTFO in the last 5 seconds.
  7. This one is truly awesome. Shogun fixed on his competition.
  8. Don't forget about this Strikeforce welterweight. Here's some of his amateur fight highlights. And a full pro fight of his you probably haven't seen. Enjoy.
  9. Frank Shamrock is absolutely horrible I can't stand him. He spends more time talking about himself and his "legendary" career than he does talking about the fight. He berates every fighter in the cage at one point or another. His voice is annoying his face is annoying. Pat Militech is much better and Bas Rutten is way better than both. Just get Kenny and Bas from Inside MMA on HDNet to commentate.
  10. I laugh at all the poor assumptions about Mousasi. All you need to do is wait and watch.
  11. Haha I love the Enter the Dragon music at the beginning.
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