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  1. Talking so much **** about Shields... GSP can't knock anyone out, he couldn't even finish his last 5 fights, not to mention a one-armed Hardy for 4 rounds and a one-eyed Koscheck for like what? 5 rounds? Shields has better BJJ skills and submissions than most if not all people in the sport. The point you are trying to get across is dumb and shouldn't waste your time ******** in peoples minds. If my BJJ was as good as Shields, I wouln't get 90% of my wins by submission, Jake Shields is a true MMA fighter and proves that he can KO, submit, and has the skills to go the distance. James Toney best boxer, his boxing skills suck, couldn't knockout anyone in MMA... pshhh... you're so dumb.
  2. Fitch beat Alves 30-27, if BJ beats Fitch, nobody else can beat him at WW.
  3. If GSP beats Shields and Silva beats Belfort, both champions have cleared out their divisions. Will we see GSP (22-2) and Anderson Silva (28-4) fight each other in 2011? If GSP moves up to middleweight and BJ Penn beats Jon Fitch, will BJ be the new welterweight champion?
  4. I LOL'ed at this match-up, Strikeforce HW Champion via Round 1 KTFO.
  5. It will be like Bader vs Nogueira in the 3rd round, only Jones will KTFO him in that round.
  6. How do you delete threads?
  7. The statistics even say that Rampage won Round 1 and 2: http://blog.fightmetric.com/2010/11/rampage-vs-machida-fightmetric-report.html
  8. Exactly, Machida didn't knockdown Rampage in the first round, he just lost balance and Machida couldn't even take advantage of that, threw a head-kick right after the bell. I can also say that Machida got rocked when Rampage clipped him in Round 2.
  9. Rampage landed more strikes, takedowns, was more aggressive, and basically had control in the octagon in Round 1 and 2. Round 1 - Fightmetric will yell you, won on strikes. Round 2 - Fightmetric will tell you, won on strikes, and takedowns, also clipped his mouth. Also aggression and control in both rounds. Stop doing meth, it will change your life.
  10. Jack2Bowl

    Machida Won That...

    Rampage won that fight. Explain how in the world Machida won Round 1 or 2?
  11. Jack2Bowl


    Rampage took down Machida in Round 2 and clipped him with an uppercut. Everything else was pretty much equal, Rampage was going for the punches, Machida just used his leg kicks, the control in the clinch was pretty much equal as well but Rampage was working more in the clinch.
  12. Jack2Bowl


    Rampage won Round 1 and 2. He was working more in the clinch and was the aggressor.
  13. Jack2Bowl

    Tyson Griffin

    Tyson Griffin's 3rd loss in a row. This guy needs to be cut from the UFC.
  14. Jack2Bowl

    Cain Velasquez

    Cain Velasquez is the new UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world, defeating Brock Lesnar by Unanimous Decision after 5 rounds of action.
  15. The only way Brock will win is if he gets on top of Cain into half mount like he did with Mir and Carwin and start go GnP or go for the Arm Triangle Choke, otherwise I see no way of Brock winning this fight, I honestly don't, I have no disrespect for him and I think he is a great fighter but without his signature GnP, I honestly see no way of him winning this fight. If Cain survives Round 1 and Round 2, Brock will be pretty gassed out and Cain will be at his best due to his cardio. That's where Cain can win Round 3, 4, and 5 IMHO.
  16. Nope, Brock Lesnar lost to Frank Mir and he can't do boxing for **** Cain will destroy him.
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