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  1. we are in the middle of an economic crises and rampage complains about making 1.5 mil. for a 3 or 4 month training camp and a 15 minute fight...and with an average of 2 fights per year...makes 3 million per year...plus has top medical ensurance which everyone knows isnt cheap. Im not saying his job isnt hard but hes really not in the position to complain... I get the feeling this is more about he and d.w. just not liking each other...
  2. the video wasnt made in good taste..but this comes off as them just trying to get some lime-light
  3. if you havent noticed Anderson thought he was god against Bonnar .. bobbing and weaving against the cage as if Bonnar would never touch him .. fact is he Bonnar did touch him and if that were weidman he would have been KTFO .. he wont be so superior in his show -offs against a younger fighter such as chris ..fact is Anderson doesnt want nothing to do with real threat .. thats why he will milk his last 10 fights into a unreachable record of title defenses and huge paydays !! Its UFC's chance to have their mike tyson (minus all the rape/prison drama) Silva wouldnt fight like that against Wiedmann...he was just proving a point against Bonner...Wiedmann may be a good wrestler and have good enough BJJ defense to stuff Silvas attempts at Subs off his back...but Silva is great at what he does (striking) and Wiedmann is good at what he does (wrestling)
  4. ^^ Sonnen said he weighs around 230 naturally...Jones weighs 240-245...maybe 250 when hes not in good shape... Both of them will cut to 205... Its not possible for Jones to get back up to 240 isnt possible...but i still thing jones will get up to around 225 or 230 and sonnen will only get back up to around 215-220... But weight isnt going to be as big of a factor in this fight as Sonnens ability to get inside of Jones reach and take him down...
  5. Either way I think Belfort needs to decide where he wants to fight...at MW or LWH...It cant be healthy bulking up to be a 205er and then cutting weight and muscle to make MW.
  6. What kind of training was vemolla doing to break his cheak bone...Practicing taking punches with a bat??? haha the guy probably looks a little crazy for a reason! Its kinda dissappointing...Vemolla vs. Leben woulda been war of the crazies
  7. very strange....I dont find it wrong that they want to protect their image but still...i find it very strange... Please correct me if im out of date with this but isnt it still true that the marines/military in general do not let gay people go to war? Im not tryin to be offensive I just know that that used to be the case.
  8. The only reason Diaz got the fight with GSP is because GSP demanded this be his next fight.
  9. I think GSP vs Diaz happening has as much to do with GSP demanding this fight as anything else. Either way, Im excited to see this fight. Diaz better be working on a way to stay on his feet though...his bjj is really good but I think GSPs bjj defense/wrestling is just as good or better...
  10. Cutting 35 pounds 3 or 4 times a year cant be healthy for anyone...
  11. daaaaang....I dont understand how he can make 205....Arlovskis a solid 240 LB HW...
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