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  1. Craig_M

    Barry vs Hunt

    Yeah i was saying i wanted to see this fight before Barry lost to Struve... i was hoping Barry would win, and set it up with Hunt It would still be a fun fight, but imo Hunt should get a opponent whos on there way up the rankings, not down the rankings... since hes won two straight
  2. Barnett, definatly lol Marquardt Jones idk... interesting topic though
  3. Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones JDS vs Velasques Thats my top two... but also: Nick Diaz vs BJ Penn - JDS vs Overeem - Aldo vs Edgar - Evans vs Anderson Silva - Jones vs Velasques... so many more lol
  4. I remember reading this forum for a few months before i signed up (dont know why i waited so long lol), that would have been late 2009. It was fun in early 2010 for a while... but then the forum seemed to just slow. Their used to be like 400/500 viewing the UFC section, and like 150/200 viewing the Outside section at all times... i dont think theirs never that many people around now, unless something big happens in the MMA world. Remember when Fedor first lost and their was like 1000+ in this section :eek: Or when this section randomly disapeared? Fun times...
  5. I would laugh my head off if they do just switch which side its on...
  6. Your *****ing about supporting Arsenal!? Do you have any idea what i'd give for Newcastle to be like them? We have a wanker of an owner, who fires great managers (who got us promoted, out of a slum, and into the top half of the premier league... WITHOUT SPENDING A PENNY), so that he could put his old drinking buddy in charge! We have been continously dissapointed since Sir Bobby Robson left, we've had NOTHING to cheer about... yet for some reason the crowd still roars those players on every week! You didnt win the league, so what! Neither did 19 other teams... most people would argue that Arsenal have had a good season. You weak, fair weather fan!
  7. To bring a damn towel when i get in the bath lol... I always end up having a naked dash to my cubord to get one lol
  8. Jon Jones is so dynamic and always throwing unique strikes, so i would think training together would be an advantage for Evans, since he might already know most of Jons tricks. Just a thought... Who do you think training together is an advantage for?
  9. I aint gonna live for ever, I just wanna live while i'm alive - Bon Jovi
  10. The thought of alcohol makes me want to throw up when i'm hungover lol I think the best cure is: Water. And lots of it. A bacon, sausage sandwich Fresh air. I'm not sure how this works for others, but is magical for me lol One other thing... I dont want to sound like one of those pot heads that thinks weed makes everything better, but weed helps a hangover ALOT!
  11. Craig_M


    Ya'll aint mods here... so guess what: Go **** yourselfs you **** i'll headkick the **** out of you so badly that the you hit the floor harder than i hit you!
  12. Craig_M

    Help out a forum vet.

    So seeing Katy Perry and Gina Carano rolling around in oil would do nothing for you!? LOL I guess on guys 'icky' is anothers wet dream
  13. I wonder if any mods have second accounts, so that they can have fun and not have to act respectfully lol... maybe tell other members what they really think of them
  14. I hope you all have a great 4/20 day
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