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  1. I was curious about it too, but im no expert. And if they call it then and there when they replayed it, well it was illegal. But i do agree that the ref shouldn't have yelled " Im going to disqualify you if he cant continue"
  2. He must of thought that one knee up meant it was ok to throw a knee..
  3. I see what you did there
  4. Worst ppv of the year! so far hehe
  5. josetplayer

    DC won

    i was expecting a split decision for jones
  6. this is where the question of the judges come to mind.. i thought they look at aggressiveness.. what happened there?
  7. Im going, i stay in sacramento , so not a long drive. and i have alot of friends Near san jose, so i can stay with someone, if hotel is an issue. should be a good fight card
  8. makes sense to me, glover vs bader!! War Bader!!
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