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  1. he is a fighter why would he be scared to fight a guy he has already beat
  2. no offense to anyone in this thread but a win is a win
  3. top 5 of the lhw division. I mean this guy gets no attention or any he respect. First he beats jon jones . Then Dana white disrespects him by giving him tito ortiz. Like cmon this guy works hard and wants the belt why give him a low caliber fighter after beating a guy who is top 10 in thew ufc. i think he should fight rampage jackson after the thaigo fight then the winner gets a shot at the title
  4. dont you mean your apartment building which is 70% paid by the goverment . thugs dont live in houses
  5. he has a glass jaw he got rocked by rampage and thaigo then faked an injury so he can avoid fighting Shogun "no knee" rua
  6. what are you implying . how is calling someone a thug racist
  7. because you type like one and only thugs watch that stupid show by ed lover and say his stupid phrase
  8. you cant save him now tito fan i have already reported him. I hope he enjoys his ban:D
  9. first off how is this a racist comment
  10. since when do thugs like mmma why dont you log off and go listen to hiphop or crunk for money on the street
  11. k your not helping by posting either k so stop k understand
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