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  1. good point, but silva would lose.
  2. i dont know bout u guys, but would u want to fight silva? i know i wouldnt. i think gsp could beat him tho.
  3. how much did bisping pay you to say this? or did he go down on u? j/w
  4. rashad won, but only becuz of his wrestling, since now everyone knows now that he has a glass jaw.
  5. is not about to lose his belt.
  6. gsp all the way, gsp could beat silva now imo if they fought at mw. silva has a slight reach advantage, and height. nothing else, his striking skills wont matter when he's on his back
  7. i think he's mad cuz he dosent want to waste time on evans. evans has a glass jaw and if he thinks he is gonna wrestle his way to a decision like he did with thiago against rampage he's got another thing comin. rampage wins this fight.
  8. not a brock fan, but in the end it will be this. "and STILL the ufc heavyweight champion of the world!!! BROCK LESNAR!" sometimes you just have to face reality, no matter how bad it might suck. but, if mir beats carwin, he is the #1 contender no doubt imo. i feel mir could beat cain and jds. the person i really want to see fight again tho is duffee, granted ive only seen him in the octagon for 7 seconds.
  9. +1 i would much rather watch this than frankie edgar....but im pullin for ya frankie!!
  10. man ive been trying to get this goin on here for 2 weeks now. its not gonna happen, u'd be better off goin to a undisputed forum. but i am definitely down. PS3- RynoRV
  11. you should have!!! it's funny as hell!
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