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  1. i would but i cant because my family is coming over the same time as the PPV starts. alothough the card doesnt look too good. if you look at it from a business point of view, why would you stack a card that already has Brock on it (a proven drawcard)? But never judge a card by the fighters. look at 115 and 110. 2 awesome cards with no title matches or major draw cards and weren't expexted to be too good.
  2. 14 although im much more mature than this new age of drug addicted borderline retard kids
  3. well im going to sleep now and im not staying up another hour to post a thread
  4. Its Independence Day in Australia so to all you American's out there. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! also it my birthday on the fourth of July so happy birthday to me!!!
  5. its stupid. only 3-4 of the fights can be played because most fight none of the fighters are on the game
  6. ok. my dida was born in Zadar (my other grandparents were from Medjugorje) and walked to italy through ice barefoot then came to australia. dad was going to fight in the army during the war but got talked out of it by dida then raised about 35,000 USD for "medical supplies". families been in canberra australia ever since. SPREMNI!!
  7. ive been a fan of cro cop and was a casual fan since watching him fight. started following mma everyday since about 108 watching old tapes. what brought me in was knowig mma was coming to AUS at 110
  8. thx plz post link also are you from Zadar in Croatia?
  9. 1. Cro Cop 2. Royce 3. Matt Hamill
  10. http://www.sherdog.com/news/rankings/Sherdogcoms-Pound-for-Pound-Top-10-25406 wait, Machida is #9 after getting KTFO against shogun but Fedor is out after tapping to werdum? and Fitch, ahead of shogun the LHW champ? B.J Penn ahead of Jake sheilds after sheilds has been undefeated since 2004, beating okami, condit, daley, mayhem miller, robbie lawler and Hendo in that time and BJ lost to edgar? who is writing this crap
  11. ptokich

    biggest flop in ufc

    true, the flop was 2 fatal refereeing mistakes stopping way to early and corrupt judging.
  12. ptokich

    biggest flop in ufc

    kimbo, motapha al turk, Bonnar (except fight with forrest)
  13. ptokich

    cro cop vs pat barry

    hha in the end he won
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